Creating an IPTV playlist from scratch by yourself in 2021

You can create your own
m3u playlist in just 5 minutes and watch IPTV for free. Check out the detailed instructions and nuances when creating a playlist.

What is an IPTV playlist?

IPTV m3u playlist is a collection of links to streams. The playlist allows the program for viewing IPTV or
IPTV set-top box to navigate the information streams of the Internet.
Creating an IPTV playlist

The IPTV m3u playlist
is a directory that allows the program to show exactly what you are interested in.

Any m3u file includes the address of the content and its properties. Links can refer directly to a file if it is saved in one folder, it can be a path to a storage location on a hard disk or an address on the Internet. The latter is used for IPTV playlists.

How to create your own m3u playlist for IPTV in a regular notepad

Usually, on a computer with the operating system (OS) Windows work in the text editor “Notepad” – it is simple and does not require users to download special applications. It is enough to find a link to the broadcast – and you can start. But other operating systems and applications will also work. How to create an IPTV playlist 2021 yourself:

Step 1. Create a text document txt

A text document can be created in 2 ways:

  • on the desktop, right-click and select “New” – “Text Document”;
  • through the menu “Start” – “Notepad” – “Save As”, select the save location.

Step 2. Change the file format from TXT to M3U

You can also change the format in 2 ways. First way:

  1. On the desktop, left-click on the document and select “Rename Document”. Rename document
  2. After the name itself, put a full stop and write m3u. For example: “New text document.m3u”.new document
  3. The computer will warn you that after renaming the file may not be available. Agree to the changes by clicking “yes”.Click yes

Second way:

  1. Open the document in Notepad and select “File” – “Save As” in the upper left corner. Save
  2. Select a folder to save (at your discretion), add “.m3u” to the file name in the line below. Click “Save”.File name

The resulting file with a predefined extension will be saved as a playlist. Right-click it to open it in Notepad.

Step 3. Enter information about media files

We prescribe the following line by line:

  1. The first line in each file should contain only one inscription – # EXTM3U. Copy and paste it into your document, hit “enter”.First line
  2. Record TV channels in the form: #EXTINF: -1, 112 Ukraine HD

NamesIt’s not easy to find channel links to create an IPTV playlist. Many do not have official streaming broadcasts in the public domain, so a significant part of the addresses available on the Internet lead to “pirated” broadcasts. The easiest ways to search for links is to google forums dedicated to IPTV, as well as extract from ready-made m3u, laid out for free access. Many TV channels regularly change the video stream distribution address in order to protect their copyright for the film, therefore, the links in their IPTV playlist need to be updated.

You can download the latest playlists
here .

You can register not only many channels, but also music. The songs are written as follows:
#EXTINF: 100, Artist – Composition
#EXTINF: 300, Another artist – Other composition
New / Song.ogg

The numbers 100 and 300 are the number of seconds in the song, be sure to write down the exact number down to one.

Step 4. Save the IPTV playlist

After all the added channels in the “File” tab, select “Save”. After that, the finished IPTV playlist can be copied to a smartphone, tablet, set-top box or Smart TV to open it in a program for watching online TV.

The simplest and most convenient application for Android is called “IPTV”, you can download it in the Google market using the
link , the “GSE SMART IPTV” application for iPhone can be found
here .

How to group channels in an IPTV playlist?

To create categories and lists in a playlist, do the following:

  1. Create an empty line between the channel name and the address.
  2. Indicate the category in this line. To do this, write: “#EXTGRP: subgroup name”.
  3. Repeat for all channels. You can copy the line with the category and paste it where you want it. It will be faster this way.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to create m3u IPTV playlist by carefully following the instructions. Watch the current playlists and take the necessary channels to you. And thanks to the created categories and groups, viewing will become more convenient.

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