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OTT Navigator IPTV is a powerful and highly customizable IPTV player that can work stably on all Android devices, including TVs (Android TV), TV boxes, tablets and smartphones. In this article, we will analyze in detail the capabilities of the application, study its interface, provide links for downloading the program, and playlists for it.

What is OTT Navigator IPTV?

OTT Navigator IPTV is a free functional IPTV player for Android. With this application, you can watch your favorite TV channels in excellent quality. The video player supports most of the popular IP providers, game streaming from GoodGame, m3u / webTV / nStream external playlists, and streaming via HLS, UDP or Ace. Also in the application you can play files from the local network via UPnP / DNLA (at the expense of external players).
OTT Navigator IPTV

By default, there is no TV or video source in the application, and it must be added manually on the first launch, but this is not a problem – there are many free m3u providers and playlists on the Internet. You can also download them from our article – just below.

The main characteristics of the application and its system requirements can be found in the table.

Parameter nameDescription
The developerVjaka.
CategoryVideo players and editors.
Interface languageThe application is multilingual. Including there is Russian and Ukrainian.
Suitable devices and OSDevices with Android OS version 4.2 and higher.
Availability of paid contentThere is. $ 0.99 – $ 16.79 per item.

If you have any problems with the OTT Navigator IPTV application or just questions about its operation, you can contact the forum – The application does not have an official website. The main capabilities and features of the service:

  • free;
  • live broadcasts are available;
  • picture-in-picture function;
  • sorting channels by selected criteria;
  • favorite channels and categories are at the top of the list;
  • studio mode – watch up to nine programs simultaneously on one screen;
  • the ability to leave a bookmark;
  • support for archives;
  • various types of design;
  • parental control;
  • automatic launch of the last viewed channel when the application is turned on;
  • grouping by category, genre, season, year and country of release;
  • a system of reminders about programs so as not to miss an important broadcast;
  • setting the playback speed;
  • receiving data from several EPG sources (including external ones).

Advantages and disadvantages

As such, the OTT Navigator IPTV application has no drawbacks. The only thing is that the program may not install if you have an Android TV or TV Box media player with less than 1 GB of RAM. Also, if you download the free version from Google Play, then there will be ads in the application. The advantages of the player:

  • Reads any playlist. Supports all playlist formats – m3u, m3u8, txt, xspf, enigma. There are even templates for OTT service providers.
  • Good optimization. Instant channel switching and automatic reconnection in case of signal loss. All this happens in an instant, and you won’t even notice the failure.
  • Built-in player. There is no need to install an additional MX player.
  • Support for remote control from the remote control. And almost every button can be customized to your liking.
  • Automatic EPG (Program Guide) call. And also Time shift support.

Differences between the Premium version and its cost

The main and almost the only difference between the Premium version of the OTT Navigator IPTV application from the usual one is the absence of advertising. This is what the user pays for. The subscription price is $ 4.

OTT Navigator IPTV functionality and interface

The application has a pleasant and intuitive interface, which contains a wide range of functionality. There is a convenient search by the names of the actors in the film / program, the description of the TV channel or a specific program.
Application interfaceWhile watching, you can select another channel, open the “Settings”, without leaving the playback window, pause the movie, turn on the “picture in picture” function and open the TV guide.
Settings in the appGoing to “Settings”, you can change the appearance of the player (theme), its interface, select the player itself, the source of the TV program, set up playlists.
Theme of designAlso in the application there are “Advanced settings”. In them, it is possible to configure the provider, autorun the last activated channel, select the stream technology, set the code for limited content (for example, 18+) and much more.
Advanced settingsEach program in the TV program has a short description. You can familiarize yourself with it by selecting a specific line.
Description of programs A video review of the application, which details how to configure it:

Download OTT Navigator IPTV App

There are two ways you can download the app to your device. Both of them are suitable for all Android devices, as well as for Windows 7-10 PCs (if you have a special program). You can try to install the application on a Samsung or LG Smart TV (Webos), but performance in these cases is not guaranteed. The service will not function on IOS.

Via Google Play Store

To download the OTT Navigator IPTV app in the official Android store, follow the link – The installation of this program is the same as any other downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Using apk file: mod Premium

The latest apk-version of the OTT Navigator IPTV application can be downloaded from the direct link – It already includes a paid subscription. What changed:

  • updated interface and simplified navigation through archives;
  • the ability to combine duplicates by name or EPG in categories;
  • the ability to move several channels at once to another category;
  • added a quick action to view the archive section during playback;
  • the list view is divided into type and number of columns for more precise customization.

It is possible to install older versions of the application. But it is recommended to do this only in extreme cases – when a new variation for some reason is not installed on the device. What previous versions can be downloaded:

  • OTT Navigator IPTV armeabi-v7a. File size – 27.71 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV arm64-v8a. File size – 27.52 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV armeabi-v7a. File size – 27.81 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV arm64-v8a. File size – 28.24 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 26.62 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV Beta armeabi-v7a. File size – 24.85 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV Beta arm64-v8a. The file size is 25.20 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV armeabi-v7a. File size – 25.82 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 24.45 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 24.31 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 24.28 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 23.28 Mb. Direct download link – .html.
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 22.89 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 23.25 Mb. Direct download link –
  • OTT Navigator IPTV File size – 22.43 Mb. Direct download link –

Free playlists for OTT Navigator IPTV

Free IPTV playlists with various media libraries are easy to find on the Internet. Most of these will work for the OTT Navigator app. Service users often use the services of the ilook provider. The following playlists can be used:

  • Playlist with 900+ TV channels. Among them are Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian and other channels. For example, Russia 1, Disney, Channel 8, Odessa, Ukraine 24, Carousel, Hunting and Fishing, NTV. Safe link –
  • Self-updating IPTV playlist with 500+ channels. Here are Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other TV channels – First City (Odessa), Creek TV, My Planet HD, First, Eurokino, Ren TV, Boomerang, Favorite HD, etc. Safe link – https: // smarttvnews. ru / apps / freeiptv.m3u.
  • Playlist from 80+ Ukrainian channels. There are 1 + 1 HD, UFO TV, Noviy HD, STB, Inter, Orbita TV, NTK, Bambarbia TV HD, Reporter (Odessa), South Wave HD, First HD, etc. Safe download link – https: //
  • Playlist with exclusively HD channels. There are Russians, Ukrainian and Belarusian. For example, Che, STS, Domashny, Discovery Channel, UA TV, National Geographic, Belarus 1, Friday, Russia K, Pervy Muzykalny, 8 channel (Vitebsk). Safe link –

After you have downloaded a playlist with TV channels and launched the program, you need to add a playback source to the application. This can be done in several ways. The first way is to visit and paste the contents of the .m3u playlist into the appropriate window. Next, you need to do the following:

  1. For Paste Exposure, select Unlisted. Paste Exposure
  2. Click “Create New Paste”.
  3. In the new window, click “RAW” and enter the generated URL in the settings of the OTT Navigator application in the section “Your M3U source (link)”.

Second way:

  1. Download a playlist with channels.
  2. Click the “Configure Provider” button. Configure provider
  3. Click the “Change” button and select one of the options that appear (the one that suits you). We’ll choose the first one – “Typical provider or playlist”.Change button
  4. Click “File” and find the downloaded m3u playlist in the file manager. You can also enter a link – using the “Change” button (the one in the center). In a few seconds, you will receive a list of TV channels sorted by genre.File

Possible problems and solutions

Most often, when working with the service, two problems are encountered – the “Buffering 0” error and the periodic disappearance of the EPG (or no appearance at all).

Buffering 0

If the “Buffering 0” error appears while viewing, this has nothing to do with the application itself. The problem lies either in the insufficient speed of the Internet, or in the overload of the device (perhaps, it has a lot of memory). It helps reconnecting to another network point or clearing the cache / deleting unnecessary files on the device.

EPG disappears

This problem most often happens on “dray” versions of the application. That is, those that are downloaded via apk files. It can be solved only by finding another mod, since the reason lies in programming errors of a specific installed file.

Similar applications

IPTV is now very popular and the OTT Navigator application has a large number of analogues. We will not compare them, but simply present the most worthy of similar programs:

  • Lime HD TV. Free online TV for mobile phones, set-top boxes and Android TV. Allows you to watch over 300 TV channels in high quality. The program is perfectly optimized for smooth operation on all Android devices.
  • Televizo Premium – IPTV player. A good player for watching IPTV on all Android devices, it allows you to watch thousands of channels for free without any restrictions. The only thing that needs to be done is to download the TV channel playlist and add it to the program.
  • IPTV Pro. A handy TV viewing application with a built-in playlist. You can watch thousands of popular Russian and foreign channels in HD quality for free without a subscription. Broadcasting is done over an internet connection and consumes very little traffic.
  • HD VideoBox +. An application with a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. Contains millions of different movies, TV series and cartoons that you can watch online on your Android mobile device.

The application is often compared to the TiviMate service, which is also similar in functionality.

The OTT Navigator IPTV application allows you to watch movies, TV series, sports programs, entertainment, children’s and many other shows for free. It is enough to install the program on the device by downloading it in one of the presented ways and load the playlist into it.

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