Recovering a broken playlist using Playlist Finder

The Playlist Finder app helps you quickly and easily restore your broken IPTV playlist. To restore, you need old M3U links, the Playlist Finder program itself, as well as the IPTV Checker application, which will find broken links for you.

Checking IPTV playlists for serviceability

The Playlist Finder application will help you restore broken links. It is extremely simple and straightforward, but at the same time it has a lot of features that will be enough for most users.
Restoring a non-working playlist For the initial check of the playlist, you will need the free IPTV Checker 2.5 application – a powerful tool that helps to calculate already broken m3u links. He will help you do this in a couple of minutes. He can also sort the links. Without the application, this would take more than one hour. Among the features of the application:

  • checking .m3u, .m3u8 files and txt playlists on a PC;
  • sorting working or non-working sources, and saving them in an actual playlist;
  • rename, delete or play a channel in VLC straight from the IPTV Checker.

The program weighs only a few megabytes. There is only one relative drawback – it is impossible to download the program in Russian and there is no Russifier for it either. The interface exists exclusively in English.

Download IPTV Checker app


  1. Download IPTV Checker version 2.5 from the official website –
  2. After downloading the archive, unpack it. If everything went well, a folder will appear as in the picture.Download archive

Menu interface decoding:

How do I check?

You can check the playlist as follows:

  1. Add the playlist file via the “Open M3u8” button.
  2. After the file has been fully downloaded, start the check by clicking on the “Check” button. Run check
  3. Wait for the end of the check. With a playlist of 150-200 links, it takes about 20 seconds (the verification time depends on the quality of the Internet used). In this example, 5 channels out of 211 have failed.End of check
  4. Save non-working sources to an up-to-date playlist. To do this, change the channel sorting from All to Offline and then click “Save”.Sorting channels
  5. Save the file in the location you want.

If you want to change the extension to .m3u – change the name of the created playlist (remove the number “8” from “M3u8” and the file extension will change automatically).

There is an alternative way to find broken links. More about him in this video:

Playlist recovery process using Playlist Finder

You can safely download the Playlist Finder version 1.18 here – After installing the program, you need to prepare all the necessary elements: run and take the broken list playback. To restore a playlist:

  1. Unpack the archive and open Unpacking
  2. In the right corner of the “Playlist (Original)” line, click on the ellipsis. Click the ellipsis
  3. Select a non-working playlist and click “Open”, or just click on it with the mouse 2 times. Open
  4. Wait for the download, it takes a few seconds. This is what the Playlist Finder looks like with a non-working playlist loaded.Loading
  5. Select the “Start search” button and the search will start. Search
  6. Wait for the end. The search may take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. It depends on the playlist you want to resurrect.Playlist

Handling Playlist Finder Results

The end result of the application is presented in the form of a table. For data processing:

  1. Select the line where “udpxy” appears in the “Info” column. Select line
  2. Save the playlist by clicking on “Save as …”. Playlist
  3. After saving, check the playlist for serviceability by opening it in the VLC media player. Open and turn on randomly 2-3 channels per sample. If they play normally, then all the other channels in the playlist should be healthy.Disable and enable
  4. If the channels are still faulty, go back to step 1. Re-select the line with “udpxy”, save and check.

It often happens that the program finds several working playlists at once, and in order not to manually save each of them, there is a function “Multiple actions” (Multiple actions). At this point, select “Selected Ips” and click “Save …”:
Select item There is also a video tutorial on how to work with the Playlist Finder:

Possible Playlist Finder Problems and Solutions

One of the most common problems is an error message when opening a non-working playlist. In order for everything to work, you need to delete the EPG and categories in the playlist. Also, the problem may be in the addresses of the pages – you need to check if they are written in the correct format. There is a problem with the launch of the program. An error appears: “The entry point to the nextafterf procedure was not found in the DLL.” Solution: you need to download the file requested by the system on the Internet and locate it in the C: \ Windows \ System32 folder. Playlist Finder is intuitive to use, free and helps you quickly recover a broken IPTV playlist. Carefully follow the instructions and revive broken playlists with this application.

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