How to watch IPTV: step-by-step recommendations on how to connect, configure, select a player

IPTV is a unique opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows, movies anywhere where there is Internet. To provide high-quality viewing of channels, you need Internet access, a TV or a computer.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is an interactive digital television. It is transmitted via an Internet channel. The quality is ahead of cable, satellite TV. Compared to analog TV, the superiority is expressed in multi-channel audio and HD video resolution.
Watch IPTVMain features of IPTV:

  • ensuring the quality of video recording of the broadcast;
  • the presence of a description of TV programs;
  • no binding to the channel list;
  • does not depend on the tariffs of the TV operator and the region;
  • the ability to stop broadcasting (pause), with the ability to continue viewing after a certain time.

To play IPTV, you need an Internet connection, a
downloaded playlist and an installed player. The correct operation of IPTV will be ensured by the Internet speed exceeding 10 Mbit / s.

Watching IPTV on a computer

You can watch IPTV on a computer using a special program.

Best IPTV Players for Windows Computers

Viewing IPTV on a computer is available to clients in special packages from the provider. Windows users can view IPTV through programs:

  • VLC Media Player;
  • IP – TV Player;
  • PC – Player.

Algorithm of actions during installation using the example of VLC Media Player:

  1. Download VLC Media Player from the official website .
  2. Run the downloaded file.
  3. Specify the installation language – “Russian”, and click “OK”. This will launch the “Installation Wizard”.Installation language
  4. Click Next. Further
  5. Click I Agree. I accept
  6. Check the boxes for “Mozilla plugin” and “ActiveX plugin”. Click Next.Mark
  7. Select the installation folder or leave the default one and click “Install”. Select folder
  8. Click Finish. Installation completed.Done

To watch IPTV, find a link to the m3u playlist on the Internet or download the file. VLC Media allows adding multiple files. Algorithm of actions for playing the prepared list:

  1. From the “Media” menu in the upper left corner, click “Open File”. File
  2. Select a playlist. The TV channel will turn on.Playlist
  3. To view the list of channels, click on the playlist icon. View
  4. Provide a link to the playlist by choosing “Media” – “Open URL”. Link
  5. Enter the address of the playlist, click “Play”. Play

You can adjust the size of the displayed image as follows:

  1. Go to the “Tools” – “Options” menu. Settings
  2. In the line “Resize the interface to fit the video” remove the label and click “Save”. Save

Watching IPTV on Android devices: where to download and how to install players

To watch IPTV, you should use proven applications.

Best IPTV Players for Android

To watch IPTV on tablets, smartphones with Android system, use the “IPTV” and “Mx Player” applications. Algorithm of actions when installing “IPTV”:

  1. Download ” IPTV ” from “Play Market”.
  2. Copy the link URL.
  3. Launch “IPTV”, click “Add playlist”. Add playlist
  4. Click on the “+” in the upper right corner and select “Add URL”. Add to
  5. Enter (paste) the playlist address, click “Ok”. OK
  6. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, then click on “Settings”. Settings
  7. Select “UDP Proxy Settings”. Select
  8. Uncheck the “Use proxy” line. Click Ok.Remove label

To watch IPTV use ”
MX Player “:

  1. Select “Video Player”. Turntable
  2. In the window that opens, click “MX Player”. Open player
  3. If the program is not on the device, you will be prompted to install it. Click the appropriate button.Install

After downloading the program, return to the “IPTV” application, and select any channel to view. You don’t have to use the playlist url. You can use your own.
Option 1: Create a folder on the “USB flash drive”:

  1. Place the channel list in .m3u format.
  2. Create an empty file named “nomedia”.
  3. In the IPTV application, instead of Add URL, click Select File (step 4).

After these actions, your file with a list of channels will appear.

Option 2: Add the playlist file to Dropbox in a public folder and right-click the link to it. It is not necessary to use MX Player to play channels, you can use other players:

  • Peers.TV is a good option for IPTV, it is possible to add your own m3u channel list.
  • Lazy IPTV – in addition to IPTV, it plays videos from Vkontakte, YouTube, has an audioplayer. There are two ways to add a playlist:
    • file upload;
    • inserting url.

You can learn more about the “IPTV” Android application from the video.

How to watch IPTV on TV

With the advent of the Smart TV function
on the TV, it became possible to watch TV programs via the Internet.

LG Smart

Algorithm of actions for viewing IPTV playlists through LG Smart:

  1. Go to the “Application Store” menu by pressing the Home button (with the image of a house) on the B.
  2. Select “Search” (with a magnifying glass) and find the “SS IPTV” application by entering the name in the search bar.
  3. Download the program, wait for the installation to complete and click “Run”.
  4. Open the program and go to settings. Open the program
  5. Click “Get Code” and write down the code that you will be given. to get the code
  6. Download the playlist by following the link and entering the cipher (recorded) there.
  7. Select a file and download a playlist.
  8. Restart the program.

Video instruction on installing and configuring the ” SS IPTV ” program

In addition to the predefined playlists, you can create your own, stored in the “Settings” section. Adding external playlists: “Content” section – find the one you need – “Add”.

Samsung Smart

You can watch IPTV TV on Samsung Smart TV by installing the widget:

  1. Press the colored SmartHUB button on the remote or go to the Apps section to open the app store. Press the button
  2. Click “Search” (icon with a magnifying glass) in the upper right corner of the screen, find “IPTV TTK” in the search.
  3. Install the program and run it.
  4. Go to program settings. Open the application, click “Tools”, in the “region code” window, enter – 63. For the channels to work correctly, change:
    • TV time – 0;
    • time zone – 8;
    • program time shift – 0.

Video instructions for installing IPTV applications:
Possible problems:

  • wireless connection is not established, exit: move router closer;
  • connected but Smart TV does not start, exit: update system software version.

Watching television takes on a new level of convenience and comfort. You can watch it on a computer monitor and on a TV screen. More than 100 channels – a great opportunity to find the program that you like.

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