Setting up IPTV on Android, choosing a player and downloading playlists for android players

Many users are interested in the ability to
view IPTV on a device with Android OS. This digital television technology helps the user to enjoy watching their favorite TV programs, as well as take advantage of additional functions. There are several options for watching IPTV on Android.
IPTV on Android

Viewing IPTV on Android from the provider

To use the services in the form of an IPTV package, users pay an additional fee to the service provider. To watch IPTV from a provider, you must:

  1. Connect your device to your service provider’s network.
  2. Install the video player on your device. It is downloaded from the Play Market free of charge. There are no specific preferences for a particular application, so you can choose any of them. In certain cases, the presence of the MX Player program is required.
  3. To add a m3u playlist with IPTV channels, you need a special application. It is also downloaded from the Play Market. There are many such applications, so you can stop at the first of the list with a high average rating.
  4. Get a file or link from your service provider to download available IPTV channels. Usually, after purchasing an IPTV package, they give out a URL that the user needs later.

If all conditions are met, you can get a list of channels. To this end, certain actions should be performed:

  1. Go to the IPTV application that you downloaded earlier on your Android device.
  2. Find “Add Playlist”. As a rule, this indication is highlighted in the center (you can use the plus sign located in the upper right).
  3. The drop-down list will contain options: “Select file” or “Add URL”.
  4. When you receive an address from your service provider, you must copy it or write it down in the field that appears.
  5. If the provider provided a playlist in a file, then the path to it is indicated (it must be in the device).
  6. The actions taken are confirmed.
  7. A window will appear where the channels available for viewing will be displayed.
  8. If there is a video player with each channel selection, it starts playing the program (if it is absent, the system will offer its installation from the Play Market).

After completing these steps,
digital interactive television from your service provider will be available.

IPTV for Android without connecting a service from a provider

Not all users agree to pay to watch TV to their service provider. In this case, you can use playlists with free TV channels. Providers are very profitable to provide IPTV services, so they constantly block the possibilities of the free option. Despite this, the opportunity to use a free playlist with popular channels exists. To do this, you should act according to a similar scenario with the option of receiving IPTV provided by the provider. To download IPTV, you need to download the application and install the player on Android ( MX Player is recommended
). In this situation, you will have to engage in independent search for a
playlist . This is done using a browser and any search engine:

  1. The phrase “IPTV playlist” is entered in the search engine. The system will accept this request as a search for free applications, and the most popular ones will appear on the top lines.
  2. You need to make a choice of the appropriate option, then download the file or copy the playlist link.
  3. On the device, you need to open the IPTV application, specify the file path or enter the URL. For this playlist, a name can be invented. The TV channels available for viewing appear.

Some TV channels or playlists may be interrupted. In this case, updating will help.

Advanced users can take advantage of other features to watch TV channels. This can be done without using MX Player by finding the “Video Player” item in the application settings or using the provided system selection. You can also use your playlist. There are two options for this:

  1. A folder is created on the flash drive , a list of TV channels in m3u format is placed there and an empty file called “.nomedia” is created so that Android does not delete the file after disconnecting from the PC. In the application, you should click “Select file” instead of “Add URL” to see your TV channel list file.
  2. Add the Dropbox playlist file to the public folder and use the right mouse button to copy the public link to it.

How to watch channels for free on Android with the GSE SMART IPTV application is
described in the video below: You can download the application in the Play Market. You will not have to search for working IPTV playlists on the Internet yourself, since they often change and become simply irrelevant.

UDP Proxy

Often, in order to ensure the normal functioning of an application on Android, it is required to use UDP Proxy, which allows viewing the so-called multicast streams. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Download UDP Proxy from Play Market.
  2. Run the program and enter two addresses: “UDP-multicast interface” and “HTTP-server interface”. They have the same IP address, and they also have the same IP address of the network connection that the computer uses to connect to the router. To find out, you need to right-click on the icon with a network connection, on Windows 7, select “Status” – “Information”, on Windows XP – “Status” – “Support”.
  3. After entering the IP address in the UDP-to-HTTP Proxy, save and run.
  4. In the Application Settings menu, go to the Proxy Settings section, enter the IP address and port that are set in the UDP-to-HTTP Proxy. After that, the type of Proxy server is selected and the “Оk” button is activated.
  5. If users wish, they can choose a specific video player to view video materials, or check the “System selection” checkbox. Then, each time, the necessary video player will be selected when you start watching the TV channel.
  6. To avoid running the program on a computer every time, you should run it as a service when you click the “Install” button in UDP-to-HTTP. In this case, the program will automatically start when the PC boots.

If you cannot run UDP-to-HTTP Proxy on your computer, you need to make sure that the application is not blocked by antivirus or firewall.

Errors when watching IPTV on Android devices

In some cases, when watching interactive television, certain problems may arise.

Can’t load channel list

The problem often arises and occurs due to the carelessness of users or playlist creators. Typically, re-downloading the file or searching for a different URL will resolve the issue. When downloading, pay special attention to the file extension. IPTV playlists must have the .m3u extension. If another option is specified, then you will need to unzip the file using a special program. You can use the archiver from the Play Market.

Video does not play

Owners of routers that do not support multicast TV broadcasting Multicast in the UPD stream may face a problem when the video does not play at all or the image crumbles. There are various ways to fix this situation, including flashing the router. You can also use the algorithm of actions described above in the paragraph “UDP Proxy”.

Apps and players for watching IPTV on Android

There are various programs for watching IPTV, but many of them are dangerous. When using unverified applications (players), malicious programs are injected onto users’ devices. For this reason, you
should only use the most trusted applications from well-known developers .

IPTV player for android

This application has the simplest name, which does not prevent it from being the most popular
IPTV player for Android . It is preferred by over 10 million people. The application has a design that can be easily customized to suit your personal preferences. Channels can be sorted by category. For your favorite programs, you can make the status of favorites and view them in the recording. How to start watching channels using the “IPTV” application for Android is shown in the video below:

Kodi player for android

To make it comfortable to use this IPTV player, you need to install additional plugins. If the user is only interested in watching IPTV, then setting up this application will take just a couple of minutes:

  1. Go to the “Add-ons” section.
  2. Select “My add-ons”.
  3. Select “PVR Clients”.
  4. Select “Simple PVR IPTV Client”.
  5. Go to settings.
  6. Add an m3u playlist that you downloaded or bought for free.

See video guide for
shock , install and configure Kodi applications for Android and Windows:

Lazy IPTV – universal TV player for Android

You can use two methods to add a playlist in this application: download a file from your device or paste the URL of the site of the desired file. The player plays videos directly from Vkontakte and YouTube sites, and also has a built-in audio player for radio stations. There is the ability to add sources to favorites, support for folders and create custom channel lists. If a decision is made to use another application, then it is possible to copy your playlists. The Lazy IPTV application setup is shown in the video below (you can download the Lazy player for Android
here ):

The user manual from the developer of the “Lazy IPTV” application is presented
here .


Download Ott player from the
official page . This app may be preinstalled on some Smart TVs. This player was created by a Russian developer, which makes the Russian version fully developed and convenient. Before using the player, an account is created on the official application resource. It is possible to replace channel icons and add your own playlists to the OttPlayer site, which can synchronize it to all user’s devices with the installed program. Unlike other free apps, this player is free of ads. OttPlayer – installation, registration, adding IPTV playlists:

Perfect Player IPTV – a working option for watching content on Android devices

Download from Play Market Perfect Player for Android. Unique features of this application include viewing locally stored video content and automatic synchronization with a computer application. The player uses a minimalist and eye-pleasing theme. Where to download and how to set up the Perfect Player IPTV application is shown in the video below:

A stable but paid IPTV playlist is offered by the
popular service “Eden” .

Another “best” IPTV Player for Android: To watch IPTV from Android, you can use a paid service from the provider or download and install free programs and playlists. The simple step-by-step instructions provided in this article will help you resolve your issue.

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