How to download and launch a working m3u playlist on TV using an IPTV player in 2021?

The new package of IPTV services
provides an opportunity to watch hundreds of TV channels in high quality and select a playlist in accordance with your personal preferences. To watch it, you need to install and configure an IPTV player (a player for broadcasting television programs), and then download and run a working playlist.

Downloading, installing and launching an IPTV player

Before searching for TV channels, you need to download the IPTV-player, which will allow you to watch them. You can download the player not only from a TV, but also from a computer in case of problems with the Internet connection or for fear of the likelihood of the TV receiver freezing during this download. In this case, the downloaded file from the computer is transferred using a formatted flash drive and installed on the TV. The installation process of the IPTV player is easy thanks to the detailed instructions for the program, offered to quickly and efficiently complete the procedure. Step-by-step instructions for installing an IPTV player:

  1. Follow the link IPTV-player on the website :Follow the link to download IP-TV Player
  2. Download the application to your desktop (or anywhere else on your PC). Player download link
  3. Download the playlist of channels to your desktop. After that, these two files will be there: the player itself and the playlist.Downloaded player files
  4. The installation of the IPTV player starts. To do this, double click on the IpTvPlayer-setup.exe file. If a window appears with a warning from the security system – click “Run”.Open file
  5. Then you need to proceed in accordance with the instructions of the installer. Select language and continue.
  6. You go to the “Installation Wizard”, where you should click “Next”. Installing IP-TV Player
  7. The installation option is selected. If you also need to install Yandex.Bar, then you need to select the full installation. If it is not needed, then you should select “Configure parameters” and uncheck all items. In any case, Yandex.Bar has nothing to do with the operation of the IPTV-player and is offered exclusively as an additional application.Disabling Yandex.Bar installation
  8. Click to continue. In the window you need to select the components for installation, and then click “Next”:
    • IPTV player;
    • VideoLAN VLC0.3 modules;
    • shortcut on the desktop;
    • Start menu shortcut.

    Selecting components of the program to be installed

  9. Continue and wait until the files are copied.
  10. Click Finish.

When the installation is complete, a shortcut to the IPTV player will be created on the desktop. To start the player you should:

  1. Click on the shortcut on the desktop, and select “Empty Profile” and click “OK”. Selecting a preset
  2. In the window that opens, click on “Menu”. Go to the menu
  3. Select the “Settings” item. Selecting the "Settings" item
  4. Go to the “General” tab, in the “Channel list address (M3U file)” line, select “Select file with the channel list …”. General settings for IP-TV Player
  5. Specify the path to the playlist and click “Open”. Open channel list
  6. Select a network interface in the appropriate column (indicate your IP address, which can be obtained from your provider). Entering your network IP
  7. Click on the “Close” button.

Paid and free iptv m3u playlists for 2021

After downloading and installing the IPTV player, you should take care of the availability of a high quality m3u television format. This is necessary for comfortable viewing of any programs. Even if there is a list, it is impossible to completely insure against broadcast interruptions, which will make it impossible to watch the desired TV program. To be on the safe side, you will need to download other TV channels. If not all TV channels are working in the downloaded playlist, then this is a completely normal situation: a small proportion of any source will have broken links. When downloading a playlist, you must ensure that the required amount is paid for the required service in advance. This is now considered a more reliable option. Official providers shouldn’t have any difficulties in connecting. To get acquainted with IPTV, users often try to avoid monetary costs for connecting the service,not knowing yet about the quality of this service. This is why, although the subscription fee is low, free playlist lists are more popular. It should be borne in mind that free use of the services may be accompanied by low quality of TV channels. To avoid this situation, you should download playlists from trusted, reliable resources, even if they are free.
IPTV playlists Current free self-updating IPTV playlists m3u of 2021:

  • Russian and Ukrainian regional channels –
  • films and cartoons –
  • foreign channels –
  • TV channels for adults –
  • channel lists by country –

Working free self-updating m3u playlist for iptv 2021: Fresh paid playlists can always be downloaded here:


IP TV playlist m3u for 2021:

Connecting the m3u channel list

To start the playlist, the user needs to do the following:

  1. In the settings, go to the item “Add playlist”, then “Add URL”.
  2. Select a playlist and take its url.
  3. Confirm the process and examine the list of TV channels available on this device.

There are other options for launching the channel list. In most cases, to open a playlist, just double-click on it with the mouse and select the desired player in the “Play with …” window. You can also launch the IPTV player, click on “Browse”, then on “Open” and select the playlist file in the window that opens. You can create a playlist in m3u format yourself from scratch. How to do this is shown in the following video: Installing an IPTV player and playlists for it on your TV allows you to completely abandon terrestrial, digital, cable and satellite TV broadcasting. It is enough to choose a suitable fresh playlist and enjoy watching many different TV shows in high quality.

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