Why digital TV freezes: reasons what to do if IPTV slows down and there is no signal on devices

Interactive television provides high quality picture and sound. But at the same time, it often happens that the signal disappears and the picture freezes, disintegrating into squares – let’s figure out what causes such problems with IPTV and how to deal with it.

Why does IPTV freeze and how to solve the problem of brakes?

Slowing down interactive television is a nuisance that in many cases the user is able to cope with on his own. The main thing is to correctly diagnose, then it will not be difficult to fix the problem.
Digital TV freezes

The main reasons for the poor performance of IPTV channels

Many users have come across a situation where IPTV slows down. This is usually
related to internet speed . Therefore, the first thing to do is to check it with an online test. Often, providers do not provide the speed that is stated in the contract with the subscriber. To test it:

  • go to the Speed ​​Test website from any device that is connected to the same Internet as the IPTV;
  • click on the “Start” button;
  • when the program produces a result, compare it with what the service provider prescribed in the contract. For IPTV to work, you must have a connection of 5 Mb per second or more.

IPTV hangs

Remember, the speed depends on the congestion of the Internet channels. Therefore, the more subscribers of your provider are actively using the Internet simultaneously with you, the lower the speed of your Internet connection will be. It can also be divided equally between all devices that are connected to your router.

Next, you need to make sure that
the router itself (if any) is working adequately . Remove the internet cable from the router, and connect it directly to the computer you are watching IPTV on or to the set-top box. If the problem disappears, then the problem was with the router. Probably, its settings are lost (if there were no brakes before) or the router is weak in terms of characteristics. And finally, consider the case when the reason for the freezes is
a playlist malfunction . If the channels do not work selectively, then the reason is most likely in broken m3u links. You need to replace the playlist with another, working one. You can check the playlist for performance using the IPTV Checker program
… Broken links can be immediately removed or restored, but with the help of another program –
Playlist Finder . The broken m3u links are removed like this:

  • Open IPTV Checker program. Open the playlist you suspect is malfunctioning.

Open playlist

  • Click on the “Check” button to start checking.

Press the button to start checking the playlist

  • When the program checks the playlist, it will display the result for working and broken links. We only need working links, so check the ‘Online’ box as shown in the screenshot below.

Working links

  • And save the playlist by clicking on “Save”.

Save playlistThis playlist can already be used. Add it to the player or upload it to the Internet for link input.

Slows down IPTV on the computer

Problems with IPTV on a computer can arise not only due to the above factors, but also due to weak hardware. It slows down IPTV and if several resource-intensive programs are running on a PC at once. Recommendations that will help you quickly identify and eliminate the existing problem:

  1. Close all third-party programs running simultaneously with the IPTV player.
  2. Disable your antivirus and firewall software – they can block traffic, treating it as malicious.
  3. Change your IPTV player to another one. The VLC media player has proven itself well. But you can also use OTTplayer, Kodi, etc.
  4. Check if the player settings are correct and make changes:
    1. check the box next to the line “update on startup”;
    2. enable deinterlace (creating one frame from two interlaced half frames).

If braking is observed only when watching videos in HD quality, then the computer has an insufficiently powerful video card.

If you launched an IPTV playlist with links from YouTube, and the video slows down, try increasing the caching in the player. A number of m3u files use the UDP protocol that transmits a video stream, so problems can arise if the Internet is unstable. Consider the procedure for stabilizing the video stream using the example of a VLC player:

  1. When you start streaming video from the network, click “Media” – “Open URL”.
  2. Go to the “Network” tab.
  3. Go to advanced settings. To do this, check the box in the right place and specify a higher caching setting of 3000 ms.

SettingsTo broadcast the image without lag and other problems, video files are stored in the cache folder, so increasing its value will increase the buffering and, as a result, the video quality. Slows down IPTV – we understand and solve the problem of picture freezing: https://youtu.be/WWmwCJ6C_dQ

TV box freezes

The procedure for braking IPTV on a set-top box:

  1. Run through all the channels . Does everyone slow down or only a few? If only some channels are bad, then the problem is in the playlist. Change m3u link and IPTV playback issue will be fixed.
  2. If this does not help, then check if the problem is with the router . To do this, connect the set-top box directly or restart the router.
  3. If restarting the router did not fix the problem, try restarting the STB by removing it from the network for 5 seconds. If the set-top box is connected via a switch / switch (for example, for Beeline it is included in the delivery set), then restart it too. Also try connecting the set-top box directly, bypassing the switch.
  4. For Rostelecom users, the advice is different : allocate a special port for IPTV on the router. Some experienced users also recommend resetting the console to factory settings in case of problems. To do this, go to the menu, then “Settings” – “System settings” and select “Factory settings”.
  5. It happens that the set-top box freezes precisely due to the fact that on a certain model one player does not work correctly, and the other works well. Universal player – VLC . We also list popular players running on set-top boxes running the Android operating system (required version 4.0 and higher): Peers.TV, Lazy IPTV, Perfect Player IPTV.
  6. Check the integrity of all wires . It happens that the patch cord between the router and the set-top box is slightly damaged, so there is frame scattering and sound stuttering.

The picture on the TV from Smart TV is frozen

If the IPTV on the TV slows down all the time, the picture freezes and the sound is interrupted, then proceed in this order:

  1. Start by rebooting your router. Unplug it from the outlet for 5 seconds and then plug it back in.
  2. If the overload does not help, go to the router settings. Find the “WDS Bridge” mode there, and check the box next to it.
  3. If there is no result, reset the router settings to factory settings.
  4. If this does not help, increase the buffering of the channel on which the problem is observed. The maximum number is 32.

Buffering is a method of information exchange, data input / output in computer devices, in which a temporary storage buffer is used.

Also note that the manufacturer of LG Smart TVs recommends installing the Simple Smart IPTV player
to watch interactive television. And the following IPTV players are suitable for Samsung Smart TVs: Peers.TV, OTTPlayer.
OTTPlayerIf none of the actions taken help to establish the IPTV display, then:

  • contact technical support from the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • call the service center.

Experts will tell you what to do to eliminate the trouble that has arisen, or they will send a master to visit your home to repair the faulty equipment.

Digital television
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