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Russian cable TV offers all kinds of entertainment content for its clients. Adult TV viewers have the opportunity to connect additional packages of erotic content, which include both domestic and foreign TV channels.

What erotic channels for adults are available for watching on cable

On the territory of Russia, viewers have access to the following cable channels with an adult theme:

  1. “Russian Night” . It is one of the most demanded and popular TV channels for people over 18 years old. Films, serials, kippahs and television shows of exclusively erotic content are broadcast here.Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & Prices
  2. “Night club” . Russian TV channel, which broadcasts feature films for people over 18 years old. In addition, the “Night Club” often shows reports and shows on an adult theme.
  3. Playboy TV . This is an erotic TV channel, which is the world’s leader among adult TV channels in terms of demand from viewers, as well as the quality of content. On the territory of Russia, it is broadcast in Russian.
  4. “XXL” . The most popular French channel in Russia with films and serials of erotic content. Included in Rostelecom’s Nightly package, the broadcast is in Russian.
  5. “Blue Hustler” . Along with Playboy TV, it is a popular erotic channel in the world, broadcast in more than 50 countries. The broadcast program consists of modern and retro feature films, as well as adult-themed television shows. On certain days, a marathon of content dedicated to a certain erotic selection is shown all day.Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & Prices
  6. Eromania 4K . Cable TV channel of 18+ category with high quality video transmission. Broadcasts films from the world’s most famous studios.
  7. “Mischievous” . The channel with the most diverse adult content. Here you can find explicit films with only the world’s most popular stars.
  8. Babes TV HD . It is a high quality erotic channel broadcasting around the clock. The program consists only of the most beautiful and romantic adult content, with the participation of men and women under 35 years old. A distinctive feature of Babes TV HD from other similar channels is the presence of the original Glam-core genre. It features short erotic videos shot in front of glamorous sets.Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & Prices
  9. Brazzers TV Europe . The broadcast program consists of only the best explicit films and series of American and European studios.
  10. “O-la-la” . Cable channel with erotic content and Russian origin. In addition to feature films and TV series, it shows parodies, clips, short videos, reality shows on explicit topics.
  11. “Exxxotica HD” . Filled with adult content featuring exotic women: mulattos, Asian women, African-American women, etc.
  12. Erox is a relatively new TV channel with stylish erotica in good quality.
  13. Barely Legal. Includes content with young and tender girls. It broadcasts films with soft eroticism, the main goal of which is to show sensuality and romance.

Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & PricesAll of the above channels are collected by cable TV service providers in packages, which, if desired, can be connected additionally for a fee.

What are the packages of adult cable TV, prices

The service of connecting a package of TV channels for adults at any time can be used by the clients of cable TV Rostelecom,
MTS , Megafon, Akado. What packages with 18+ themes are offered by the leading Russian cable TV providers:

Package name and service providerPrice per monthList of Contained Channels
“Night” – “Rostelecom”RUB 250“Russian night”; “Night club”; Eromania 4K; Blue Hustler; Brazzers TV Europe; “XXL”.  
“Adult” – “Rostelecom”RUB 250Babes TV; “Exxxotica HD”; “O-la-la”; “Night club”; “Russian night”; “Naughty HD”.  
“18+” – “MegaFon TV”199 RUBBrazzers TV Europe; Playboy TV; “O-la-la”; “Mischievous”; Erox; “Russian night”; Barely Legal.
“After midnight” – “MTS TV”199 RUBBrazzers TV Europe; “Exxxotica HD”; Babes TV; Blue Hustler; Candy TV HD; Playboy TV; “Russian night”; “Silk”.

Cable TV “Akado” provides the function of connecting one channel for an amount of 100 to 150 rubles per month.

How to connect

It is possible to connect the package of channels for adults of interest in several ways:

  1. through the official website;
  2. using the remote control and TV;
  3. by calling the operator;
  4. visiting the nearest office;
  5. through a special application on a smartphone.

Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & PricesThe most convenient and popular are the first two methods – connecting the service on the official cable TV website and from the TV using the remote control. Connecting channels using the remote control:

  1. Enter the “Menu”.
  2. Select the “Services” tab, then use the “down arrow” button to scroll to the “TV packages” tab and click “OK”.
  3. Select the option for “For adults” and connect the package of interest with the “OK” button.

From now on, the cable TV bill will include the price for the “Standard Rate” and the connected package. Step-by-step connection of cable adult TV through the official website of Rostelecom (

  1. Log in to your personal account on the official website.Adult Cable TV - Best Channels & Prices
  2. Select the category “Television” in the main menu.
  3. Then go to the “Tariffs” tab
  4. Select the channel package you are interested in.
  5. Click the active link “Connect” next to it.

In the case of connecting the packages “MTS TV” and “MegaFon TV”, the procedure is easier. You need to go to the application on your smartphone, then select the “Television” option. Find among all the proposed packages the one you are interested in and connect. All Russian cable TV providers provide erotic channels to their customers. To make it easier to connect them, there is a special function for providing a package that includes several channels with adult content. Connecting cable TV for adults is easy, you just need to choose the method that is convenient for you.

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