How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels

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Cable TV can be connected on a paid and free basis. Of course, most citizens are striving for a more economical option. Next, we will consider the ways in which it is possible to install free cable digital television and view channels without breaking the law.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels

Ways to connect cable TV for free – how not to pay for cable channels legally

If the house or neighbors have cable TV, then you just need to spread the cable and connect it to all TVs. Any satellite dish should have several channels. They are designed to connect cables. If there are free channels, you can act.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsTo begin with, you need to purchase a cable, splitter, converter and other components that will come in handy when connecting. The purchase can be made in a hardware store or in the market, where you can also get advice. When everything is there, you should start wiring the cables.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsThere will be 3 of them:

  1. Red will need to be drawn from the antenna itself, to the shield. And from there to the TV. With this cable, you can pick up a satellite signal.
  2. Green is set in the same way as the previous one. It is necessary in order to transmit the signal of the terrestrial antenna.
  3. The yellow cable is attached to the shield and goes to the TV (or several).

How many cables are needed for a standard connection. However, their number depends on how many independent points there are.

How to watch encrypted channels

To watch encrypted channels, you can go the legal way (he is one) and the illegal way (several options). The only honest way is to pay the provider for the services. This can be done through a personal account on the server of the service company. There are other, more cunning methods for viewing encrypted channels.

But their use is considered an offense. In this case, you need to be prepared for penalties in the form of penalties.

You will need a multimedia player designed specifically for viewing encrypted channels. The device must have an emulator. In its absence, you need to buy a more modern model or reflash the existing one. There are receivers that give access to cable TV channels, thanks to sharing with a card. The latter helps to connect the device to the Internet.

How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels
Sharing system

How to decode cable channels

If the previous option is not suitable, and the user needs access to popular encrypted channels, then he will have to learn some tricks. An inexperienced user is unlikely to be able to crack the cable channel code on his own. It is worth hiring a professional or trying to find the keys on the net. Of course, not a single open site will publish codes for paid channels for everyone to see. But there is a way out. It is recommended to register on thematic forums and write an appropriate appeal to users. Perhaps someone will be competent in this area and can help. There are chats that discuss decoding with step by step actions. You can ask for advice from friends who have cable TV. There is a possibility that some of them were engaged in decoding channels. Also, friends can advise a good decoding specialist. With it, you will be able to access several sources of television at once. And signal level deviations will be barely noticeable. You can also enter into an individual agreement with the service company of the cable TV provider. The existing package of channels can be significantly expanded, while the monthly fee will increase insignificantly.

You can not pay for cable TV without breaking the law

There is an easy way to connect cable TV for free. In addition, it is not necessary to suffer with wires and disturb neighbors. The only disadvantage of this solution is that it does not always work. If you have cable TV that connects via coaxial cable (rather than using the Internet), you can reduce the cost to zero.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsYou need to visit the operator’s office (or go to the official website) and disable the service. Many are skeptical about this idea, because it will work 50/50. After the refusal, the provider sends a master to turn off the cable TV. The idea is that certain companies send an employee after a few months, or not at all. The longer the period of use of cable television, the higher the likelihood that such a scheme will work.

Important! If the television is interactive, then the trick won’t work. After all, the company will be able to disable the service without the visit of the master – remotely over the network.

Detailed digital cable TV connection process

To connect digital cable TV yourself and at the least cost, you need to follow a few steps. The algorithm of actions includes simple steps. How not to pay for cable TV and watch cable TV channels for free legally if your TV has Smart TV:

TV support

You need to find out if a particular TV has technical support for DVB-T(2) formats. This information is in the data sheet. If there is no support, then it is important to pay attention to the full model name of the device. It must be entered in the search bar.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsIf the model could not be found, then it is recommended to go to the manufacturer’s official server and find the name and information there.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsThe description should contain the item “Broadcasting systems”. There you need to look at the format. If you have support, you should purchase an antenna and a satellite dish. To get free digital TV, you should buy an analog antenna.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels

Antenna and tuner connection

If the tower is not far away, then it is not necessary to equip the antenna. Therefore, if it is located at a long distance, it is recommended to install an antenna with an amplifier. When installing the device yourself, it is worth directing it directly to the tower. If you have an old TV model, you will have to purchase a set-top box, because it will not have a built-in special receiver.

How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels
Connecting a receiver to a TV
Digital set-top boxes differ in cost and functionality. Many models are characterized by such components as a USB port for a flash drive, the ability to record live broadcasts, connect to a Wi-Fi network and work on the Android operating system.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channels

Automatic setting

To connect auto-tuning, you must press the “Menu” button on the control panel. The “Technical Configuration” tab will appear on the TV screen, after clicking, the “TV Channel Settings” section will appear. After that, just confirm the auto-tuning and wait a few minutes. At the end, click on the “Exit” button.

Manual setting

For self-tuning, it is also worth going to the “Menu” and choosing the “Manual tuning” method. At this point, an input field will appear, where you need to specify the frequency and other required data. After that, it is worth pressing the button of the remote control “OK”. In order for the search to continue, you must click “Next” each time. The method is implemented longer, but the signal will be much better. How to watch TV without an antenna in the apartment, in the country and without official cable TV operators:

Connecting via a console

How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsTo connect the set-top box, you will need several ports, among which should be HDMI. So it will be possible to achieve a better resolution and quality, just right for multimedia.
How to connect cable TV for free and watch channelsOlder models can use the AV port. There you can insert yellow, red and white plugs. For very old models, a Scart port is provided. When connecting the cable from the antenna, it is necessary to plug the wires according to the colors. Then you should install the prefix. Later, turn on the TV and press the button on the remote control that indicates the selected port. And then you should look for channels with a remote control from the set-top box.

Possible problems and solutions

On the first day, certain errors may appear. For example, not all channels will be shown, the image may disappear or work with a delay, artifacts will appear. But these minor annoyances are easy to fix. To find other channels, you should use the setting (automatic or manual). If the picture is missing, it is suggested to check if the wires are connected correctly. Also, the receiver may not support the current format. If there is a delay, the exact time must be specified. Sometimes, the problem lies in the cable itself, it can be rather weak. Then it is recommended to replace it with a more powerful one.

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