How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV

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MTS provides customers with access to a large number of digital channels of various topics. High-quality display and variety of content will help you enjoy viewing. To make the most of the opportunities provided by MTS digital television, you need to know how to properly work with it, as well as the available channel packages and tariffs. The use of digital technologies allows MTS subscribers to receive high quality video content. Tariff plans give you the flexibility to customize the list of available channels in accordance with the tastes of users. There are two types of basic packages. The user can expand them at the expense of additional ones to his liking. You can manage the connection through your personal account.When connecting digital television, the provider offers to additionally install high-speed Internet using GPON technology. In this case, fiber optic cables are widely used. This connection allows users to get access speed equal to 100-500 Mbps. The cost of the kit depends on the connection options and the region. It is 550-1600 rubles. monthly.
How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV

2021 News

The company is constantly working to improve the level of customer service. In March 2021, the following channels were added to the Basic package:

  1. ULTRA HD CINEMA for those who love action movies in Ultra HD 4K quality.
  2. Viewers will be able to watch sports in Ultra HD on Eurosport 4K.
  3. Discovery Ultra will allow you to watch films about travel, survival, nature and space with the effect of presence.
  4. Many other channels have also been added.

Sony Channel and National Geographic switched to higher quality: from SD to HD. High quality channels have been added to other packages as well. In the “Main” you will be able to watch, for example, the following:

  1. FlixSnip will become available. It allows you to watch a large number of TV series and short films.
  2. Da Vinci is an educational channel for children.
  3. The Drama is dedicated to films made by film studios from Asian countries: Korea, Japan, China and others.

Several other channels have also been added to this package.

Channel packages and tariffs available in cable TV from MTS

If you need to connect digital television, but there is no need for the Internet, then you should pay attention to 2 packages: “Basic” and “Optimal”. They are available in all regions of Russia, however, they may differ in cost. Before you go to them, you need to clarify the price. The “Basic” includes 180 channels. 48 of them can be watched in high quality. The package includes various channels: federal, children’s, news, popular science, sports, broadcasting movies and TV series, and many others. Each viewer will be able to choose many interesting ones for him. The cost of using the Basic package is 160 rubles. monthly in Moscow. For other regions, check with your provider. The “Optimal” tariff offers fewer channels. There are 91 of them, of which 17 are shown in HD quality.Here you can watch various video content: federal, music, selling, children’s, sports, for adults and others. Viewing will cost 120 rubles in Moscow. per month.
How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV

How to connect and configure a digit from MTS

First, you need to make sure that the MTS company has the technical ability to connect digital television at the specified address. This can be done on the official website or at the sales office. In order to connect, you need to go to the MTS website ( and leave a request indicating the address, date and time when it needs to be done. At the appointed time, a specialist will come who will carry out the appropriate work. Usually, the connection waiting time does not exceed 3 days. To be able to view the programs, you need to sign an agreement with MTS. Registration of documents is carried out after a specialist of the company makes a connection. The signal enters the house via a separate coaxial cable. If the Internet is connected at the same time, then another wire will be used for this.Watching TV programs will not affect the quality of network access. Technically, a tuner can be used to connect or
CAM card . In the first case, you need to connect the TV through the appropriate connector. The tuner must be connected to a cable that runs into the house.
How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TVWhen using a CAM card, the cable is connected to the TV receiver. To gain access to the Common Interface connector, an adapter is installed, and a card with a chip is previously inserted into it, which opens access to paid channels.
How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TVMost modern TVs are equipped with such a connector. It may also be present on some tuner models. If the client does not have the necessary equipment, the company provides it for rent. The connection is made with the TV turned off. After all the devices are installed and the wires are inserted into their connectors, you need to turn it on. In order to make the setting, you need to press the “Menu” button on the remote control. When the menu opens, navigate through it using the buttons with arrows. First, the receiving frequency and additional parameters are set in accordance with the requirements of the provider. After that, a search for available channels is started. After completing the setup procedure, you can start watching TV.

Registration and entrance to the personal account of MTS

To register in your personal account, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select the region where the user lives. To do this, you need to use the drop-down list located at the top of the page.How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV
  3. In the upper right corner, click on the “Personal Account” button.How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV
  4. After that, a page is opened where the username and password are entered.How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV

The login and password are specified in the agreement that was concluded with MTS.

How to pay

Payment for digital television MTS is carried out in accordance with the concluded contract. Payment is made monthly. It includes the amounts related to the basic and additional packages, as well as the rent for the equipment provided to the client. You can deposit funds through your personal account.


To use customer support, on the main page you need to click on the “Support” line located in the upper right part of the page. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need to contact the specialists and discuss the problem that has arisen. They are contacted via chat. It is available in your personal account or when using a branded mobile application. You can contact technical support by phone:

  1. Online: 0890.
  2. In national and international roaming: +7 495 7660166.
  3. From landline phones or to customers of other operators: 8 800 250 0890.

How to connect cable TV from MTS, tariffs, pros and cons of TV The support service specialists will answer the client’s questions and help him solve the problem related to the operation of the service.

How to disable

To turn off MTS digital television, you must first pay off existing debts. Next, you need to write an application for disconnection and come with it to the MTS office. If equipment has been rented, it will need to be handed over.

What to do if channels don’t work

If it is not possible to view the channels, then one of the probable reasons is non-payment. In such a situation, you need to clarify the state of your balance sheet and pay off the debt, if any. Sometimes equipment malfunction can be associated with accidental circumstances. In this situation, it is recommended to simply reboot the hardware. To do this, just turn it off and turn it on after a while.

If the broadcasting of TV channels does not work and you cannot cope with the problem on your own, then you need to call the company’s specialists and tell them what happened. They will explain what to do, and if necessary, they will send a specialist who will solve the problem on the spot.

There is an opinion

Reviews of cable television MTS.

I have been using the basic package for several years. I use several additional ones. The quality is good.

I have more than 100 channels connected. Most often I watch sports. The quality is good, but I would like to see some more channels in the proposed selection. I plan to use MTS digital television in the future.

I live in Astakhan. Most of the listed channels are available, but not all. I like to watch selling channels, but those that exist are not very interesting. I would like to add the Usadba channel.
Victoria Pavlovna

Pros and cons

MTS digital television customers can take advantage of the following advantages of this company:

  1. Convenient tariff plans . They allow each client to choose the most interesting channels for him.
  2. While watching, you can pause at the right moments, and then continue watching from that point . The program is being recorded, which the user will watch at a convenient time for him. You can search for the desired program.
  3. It is possible to additionally use information services . They can, for example, include a weather forecast or currency exchange rate data.
  4. The use of subtitles or teletext is available .
  5. A large number of channels that are broadcast with HD quality level .
  6. Signal transmission is carried out via cable , providing high speed and quality of video content transmission.

The disadvantages include the fact that the composition of some packages may not be optimal. Users sometimes express a desire to see new channels in their membership. The support service does not always respond promptly to user requests.

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