Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

Rostelecom cable TV – price per month, tariffs for the year in 2022, connection and disconnection from the television operator. Cable TV from Rostelecom allows users to access a large number of television channels. Over the years, this service has become more and more popular. It combines the offer of a large number of interesting programs and an acceptable price for them. Clients have the opportunity to select TV channels that have aroused interest and pay only for them. The connection procedure itself is not complicated. After its completion, the user gets the opportunity to view interesting content. Using cable TV does not require high speed internet access. The provider generates TV packages for each user and provides access to them after payment.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

Cable TV from Rostelecom – tariffs and conditions relevant for 2022

The following tariffs are available to Rostelecom users for 2022:

  1. “Your Starter” will cost 320 rubles. per month. Among the 114 channels provided, you can find programs on various topics, which will allow each family member to choose those that will be of interest to him. This rate is standard.
  2. “Your Optimal” includes all channels included in “Your Starter”, as well as 28 additional ones. Among the latter there are children’s, sports and music channels. To use them, you will need to pay 420 rubles a month.
  3. If the user uses the “Your Advanced” tariff , then 170 channels will be available to him. As additional, several informative ones are provided. The cost of connection is 520 rubles. per month. Clients additionally get access to view access to new movies.
  4. Those who love high-quality cinema and are willing to pay for it can use the Your Premiere tariff . These customers get access to “Amedia Premium” and “Viasat” and have the opportunity to view in HD quality. At the same time, the basic 12 channels are automatically available. To use “Your Premier” you need to pay 620 rubles a month.

Depending on their preferences and financial capabilities, each user will find a suitable option for him.

What channels are included in different Rostelecom packages

When choosing the desired package, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of available channels in detail. Most users will be fine with the standard plan. It includes channels that are most popular among viewers.

“Your Starter”

This package is positioned as the minimum. Despite this, it contains a large number of channels. Among the 160, many will surely find TV programs according to their tastes. There are offers here that are suitable for a wide area, but there are also those that certain categories of viewers will surely like. One example of the latter is the Discovery Channel, which broadcasts a large number of popular science television shows. For sports fans, Match TV HD is most likely to suit, where you can get acquainted with a variety of sporting events, watching programs in high quality. Those who prefer news channels will also find a lot of interesting things – they can watch, for example, Russia Today HD or BBC World News. Additionally, new movies can be available to customers, as well as watching the channel “Our football”. Within 2 months, you can additionally get access to the “Your ideal HD” package for free. It consists of 23 channels. Some of the channels of the “Your perfect HD” package
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

“Your Optimum”

This package is an extension of Your Starter. In addition to the options presented in it, 28 additional ones are available. Among them are VH1 Classic, EUROPA PLUS TV, Nick Jr, Sport 1 and Eurosport 2. The following additional services are available: multiroom, viewing control, access to the “Your Cinema” package. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest movies, as well as view “Our Football”. The “View Control” service provides several additional options for customers.

Paying an additional 50 rubles. per month, he will be able to pause TV viewing, rewind or record for replay.

The “Your Cinema” package provides access to 19 channels. For this additional service, you will have to pay 100 rubles. per month extra. Among the additional ones are: TV 1000 Action, Dom Kino, Evrokino, Russian Detective, Russian Illusion, Sony Sci-Fi and Paramount Channel. Rostelecom positions this package as one that will not only suit the majority of TV viewers, but can also be considered the best choice for them.

“Your Advanced”

Not all users can arrange the optimal tariff. For those who are looking for more, there is a profitable opportunity to use the advanced one. It has all the features that are present in the optimal and a large number of additional channels. Here you have access to additional services multitouch, multiscreen, viewing programs of the package “Your Cinema”, viewing control. Customers, for an additional fee, can choose the options they need, and if they run out of need, turn them off.

“Your premiere”

Designed for those who get the most out of watching cable TV. Compared to the advanced one, 56 more channels are additionally available here. In this package, all services that were additional in others have already been paid for and connected. Among the new channels there are those that enjoy considerable popularity. The following can be cited as an example: Vse TV, FRIDAY, Shop24, Lifenews, Channel One HD, TV 1000 Premium, Spas, NHK World TV, Mir24, “RUSONG TV”, “Viasat Nature/History HD”, “Match TV HD”.

Coverage where cable TV Rostelecom operates

In order to connect to Rostelecom’s cable television, the customer’s address must be in the territory where the company has coverage. You can clarify this circumstance by visiting the official website of Rostelecom and viewing an interactive map. If you have any questions, you can call the hotline and ask them to the company’s specialists.

How to connect cable TV Rostelecom

To connect, the user must do the following:

  1. You need to choose the appropriate broadcast package.
  2. It is necessary to sign an agreement with Rostelecom.
  3. You need to apply for a visit of the master who will connect.
  4. Work is underway to make a physical connection. They include cabling and other necessary activities.
  5. If additional work is carried out, documents are drawn up for them and payment is made.
  6. Payment is made for the selected channel package.

Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionWatching cable TV programs may require specialized equipment. Depending on the conditions of the provider, it can be sold, rented or provided for free use – this can be found out when signing the contract. When connected, you can activate additional services. Their cost is not included in the package fees. An example of such a service is multiscreen. It allows you to watch cable TV programs on two or more TVs. You can also view programs on your TV and laptop or other devices this way.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

The Program Archive function allows you to watch a missed program within 72 hours. This will be useful for those users who did not have the opportunity to do this in time.

To connect, you must sign an agreement with the company. If the user does not have the opportunity to come to the office, he can leave a request on the site. Here, its location will be automatically determined. If this does not happen, you can specify your city manually. After that, go to the “Television” tab, and after that – to “Tariffs”. It is necessary to mark the necessary packages on the page. After that, click on the “Connect” button. Next, you can choose additional services, and after that – the necessary equipment. For the latter, you need to choose how to get it – in the form of a lease or pay for the purchase. After that, a page will open on which you will need to enter personal data. Here you will need to enter your last name, first name, and your exact address. After making sure that all the data is entered correctly, you need to click on the “Order” button. During the connection, the wizard will install the equipment and specify the necessary settings. There are three options for using cable television from Rostelecom:

  1. Connecting the house with fiber optic cable. In this case, the provider itself organizes the reception of data and transmits its transmission to specific users through a cable.
  2. Connection according to TV 1.0. In this case, users get access to the Internet through the Rostelecom set-top box. Further, the signal will be transmitted to the television receiver. In this case, the use of third-party equipment is not provided.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  3. Connection is carried out to the Internet via TV 2.0. At the same time, receivers from other companies can be used for connection.

In accordance with the selected option, the wizard conducts the connection. When using Smart TV, the connection is made through a specialized Wink application. In other cases, it will be necessary to use the Rostelecom prefix. There are two options for such devices:

  1. The Wink prefix requires Internet access from Rostelecom and does not provide a 4K display. However, it is cheaper (up to 4000 rubles).Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  2. Wink+ costs more (up to 6,000 rubles), but allows you to work with other providers.

These devices can be bought or rented. The connection is made in accordance with the following diagram.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionThe signal is sent to the home router, and from it via Wi-Fi or a network cable is transmitted to the set-top box. The latter is connected to the TV. If an HDMI cable is used, this provides the best viewing experience.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection   When connecting the basic package, Rostelecom supplies the client with all the necessary basic equipment. In some cases, the user may need equipment and work for an additional fee. These will include the following:

  1. If a cable over 10 m is required for installation, the remaining part is provided for an additional fee.
  2. One-time wall drilling is free of charge. For the second and subsequent, if any, you will need to deposit money.
  3. If there are several devices in the apartment for watching cable TV, then you will have to install an antenna splitter. This is done at an additional cost.

There is a separate list of paid services, which includes cable laying, channel setup on the client side. The latter can be done independently, but if this does not work out, then the specialist will do it for a fee. In order for the user to estimate the amount of installation costs, Rostelecom specialists can provide an estimate for such work.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionTo resolve any questions that the user has regarding the services of Rostelecom, you can use the company’s hotline phone 8 (800) 100-08-00. Having stated his problem, the client will receive the necessary consultations and all the necessary assistance.

How to work with Rostelecom’s personal account

The subscriber receives the opportunity to create a personal account after he signs an agreement with Rostelecom on the receipt of cable television services. To set up access, you need to do the following:

  1. It is necessary to register on the official website of the company. This can be done at the link You will be automatically redirected to the site of the user’s region. If necessary, he can independently indicate his location.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  2. In the upper right part of the screen there is a link “Personal Accounts”, which you need to click on. Then in the menu that appears, click on “Personal Account of the Russian Federation”.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  3. Next, the login page will open. You need to click on the “Register” link, which is located at the bottom right of the page.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  4. The registration page will show a form that you need to remember.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  5. Here you will need to enter personal information, which must correspond to that specified in the agreement signed with Rostelecom. It includes: first name, last name, region, e-mail address or phone number. You must come up with a password to enter and enter it in the appropriate box. After entering all the necessary data, click on the “Register” button.

After the procedure is completed, a page will appear with a button “Login to your personal account”, which you need to click on.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionImmediately after registration, a short tour is held to familiarize the user with the functionality. You will need to link your personal account to complete the link to your personal account.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionRegistration problems can only arise if the personal account, email address or phone number is already used by another Rostelecom user. In order to use the provided features more efficiently, you may need to enter various settings. The following options are available:

  1. On the “Personal information” tab, you can correct personal data if necessary.
  2. “Security” allows you to limit the list of devices from which you can log into the system.
  3. It is possible to enable or disable sending notifications to the client.
  4. You can link the authorization procedure to accounts in social networks.
  5. The “Action archive” tab stores all information about the user’s activity in the personal account.

Users in their personal account can monitor the state of the balance, connect and disconnect services, learn about new bonuses and promotions. To order a new service, you need to follow the link
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionTo do this, you must first log into your personal account. After filling, click “Continue”. To complete, click on “Submit Application”. The “My bonuses” section stores information about those received.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionHere you can choose how to spend your points. Account replenishment is available at the link
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionAfter specifying the required data, the user will be directed to the payment service page. Rostelecom offers customers to use an application for smartphones running on Android or iOS. They are available at or , respectively. The functionality of the applications is the same as that available in the personal account on the official website.

Is it possible to connect only cable TV from Rostelecom

Such a connection is possible in cases where access to Rostelecom services is made through Smart TV. In this case, it will be necessary to use the Wink application. In fact, we are talking about an online service from Rostelecom, through which customers can view programs broadcast by the company. This service is paid. The TV connection diagram from Rostelecom is as follows.
Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connectionFor example, we will consider connecting the service to a proprietary set-top box of Rostelecom. In order to connect through the Wink application, you need to do the following:

  1. You need to click on the “Try Wink” icon on the screen.

Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

  1. The “Go to Wink” button will appear on the page that opens. You need to click on it.

Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

  1. A screen will appear warning you that a reboot is required. After confirmation, an automatic installation procedure will begin, which usually lasts for 10-15 minutes.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  2. If necessary, you need to specify the video parameters.

Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

  1. Next, you will be prompted to activate your account.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  2. To continue, you must answer in the affirmative.
  3. You need to enter a phone number.

Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection

  1. After the verification SMS message arrives, you will need to enter the proposed code in the appropriate field.Cable TV from Rostelecom: tariffs 2022, connection
  2. After clicking on the “Got it” button, you can start watching the video.

Through this application, all those channels that Rostelecom offers for viewing will be available. An attempt to connect Rostelecom in Zagorskiye Dali:

Connection advantages and disadvantages

Rostelecom provides a large number of TV channels at an affordable price. Depending on their preferences and financial capabilities, everyone can choose the appropriate package. There is a set of additional services that make using the TV much more comfortable. Among them, it is worth noting parental control, viewing control, multi-room. They are available for an additional fee. The connection procedure is very simple and takes a little time. The support service of the company quickly responds to customer questions and offers them all the necessary assistance. As a disadvantage, it should be noted that although Rostelecom has coverage in most of the territory of the Russian Federation, it is not yet possible to connect to some addresses in the country.

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