Overview of the video service More TV

Initially, More TV was a media portal developed for the southern regions of Russia. With the development of the service, the ability to watch films and TV programs has appeared in every city of the country. The Internet resource is paid, but due to a variety of high-quality content and a relatively low subscription price, it has many regular users.

Sea TV – what is it?

Sea TV is a video service. It helps you watch movies, cartoons, TV series, shows and channels in high quality. But for this, the user needs to purchase a subscription. The payment for it is debited once a month.
Sea tvBy subscribing, the user gets access to:

  • to TV series and show programs that are released under the more originals brand, that is, it is our own development of the video platform;
  • premiere foreign films (screening takes place on the day of their release on the world screen);
  • Russian serials that have not yet begun to be broadcast on regular channels;
  • sports competitions;
  • the most popular films (Sea TV allows you to watch them without ads);
  • for broadcasting terrestrial channels and pay TV channels.

Is registration on the official website required to subscribe?

A user who decides not to register on the official website of More TV will only be able to read the description of the film or series, find out the list of actors involved, read the reviews, but they will not be able to subscribe.

Some content is allowed to be viewed without prior registration. The downside is the abundance of advertising and a very limited range of choice of programs and films to watch.

When registering on the site, the user automatically agrees with the conditions that the service puts forward:

  • you can only view the content, the rights to use it are not granted;
  • the buyer gets access to videos and broadcasts only for personal purposes;
  • the range of services is not available outside of Russia;
  • Sea TV provides access to the service in the form in which it was developed (if the TV does not reproduce content, Sea TV is not responsible);
  • the ability to authorize under one account is provided for a maximum of 5 devices, viewing content at the same time – on 2;
  • More TV has the right to make changes to the service.

Personal account overview

A personal account is automatically assigned to an authorized user of the More TV website. The functionality of the account is quite wide, it includes:

  • viewing content without ads;
  • access to the most popular TV channels;
  • connection of the Smart TV function;
  • use of promotional codes;
  • managing active subscriptions;
  • search for movies.

Not all features of the personal account are available without a subscription.

What devices can be viewed on?

TV is not the only equipment that makes it possible to use the Sea TV service, watch films and TV series. The developers provide for the synchronization of subscriptions across multiple devices. But not all equipment is capable of playing content. There are certain requirements for the assembly and applications of devices. PC or laptop:

  • Google Chrome – version 64 and higher;
  • Yandex Browser – version 18 and higher;
  • Opera – version 51 and higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox – version 53 and higher;
  • Apple Safari – version 10 and higher;
  • Microsoft Edge – version 44 and later.

Phone or tablet:

  • iOS – version 10 and higher;
  • Android – version 4.4 and higher.

Smart TVs:

  • for devices running on Tizen OS, the production date must be no earlier than 2015;
  • Apple TV requires Gen 4 or later;
  • all other plasma panels need 7 Mbps Internet.

The cost of services from More TV

Sea TV set a price of 299 rubles for watching its content. This is how much a monthly subscription costs. The resource has a principle of “one subscription for everything”, ie. you don’t have to pay anything extra. Comparison of prices with other similar video services with similar content allows us to talk about saving money for users of a subscription to More TV. The cost of using other media portals:

  • Megogo – 337 rubles;
  • Evie – 399 rubles;
  • Okko – 399 rubles.

Formally, having received a 20% discount, users receive an extensive package of services with their own unique content.

How do I get and activate a subscription?

As mentioned earlier, you can watch movies and TV shows on any modern device. Accordingly, connecting a subscription is possible in the same way. The first step will be to go through the registration procedure. It consists of several steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the resource more.tv. The “Login” button is located in the upper corner. Click on it.Website
  2. A form will appear. Enter your email address. Click “Continue”.Proceed
  3. Come up with security data. Complete the registration procedure.Complete the procedure

Next, proceed to subscribe. Algorithm:

  1. Go to the official website of More.tv More.tv. Please log in. Click on the icon of your personal account. Several available options will appear. Select “Subscription”.Subscription
  2. The system will offer you to try viewing content for free for the first 7 days. Click on the “Try” button.Try
  3. Indicate the number of the card from which the funds will be debited after a week. Link card
  4. Check the correctness of the entered data, confirm your actions.

A weekly free subscription can be considered a trial period. During this period of time, the user will be able to understand whether the service meets his requirements, whether the quality of the content suits him, etc. The money will be debited from the card on the 8th day of connecting to the resource. Before this period, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your personal account.

What channels and genres are there?

The content of More TV is varied. There are categories for viewers of different ages and interests. Films (more than 500 films are available on the platform, since 1974, in various genres):

  • show;
  • fantasy;
  • fantasy;
  • horrors;
  • thriller;
  • stand up;
  • sport;
  • special project;
  • advice;
  • family;
  • romcom;
  • romance;
  • reality;
  • entertainment;
  • travels;
  • psychology;
  • psychodrama;
  • Adventures;
  • informative;
  • action-packed;
  • musical;
  • youth;
  • Fashion and Style;
  • Mystic;
  • melodrama;
  • cooking;
  • crime;
  • beauty and health;
  • space;
  • short film;
  • comedy;
  • concert;
  • historical;
  • interview;
  • dramedies;
  • dramas;
  • dramas;
  • documentary;
  • detective;
  • military;
  • Western;
  • action movie;
  • biography;
  • anime;
  • arthouse;
  • 18+.

TV series:

  • Russian;
  • American;
  • Turkish.


  • family;
  • musical;
  • Soviet.

A child watching a cartoon Show:

  • reality;
  • culinary;
  • Fashion and Style;
  • beauty and health;
  • sports.

Fans of UFC mixed battles will find official live broadcasts and tournament recordings in Russian.

Also More TV offers subscribers access to 32 TV channels. These are live broadcasts and all the content of the TV channels of the holdings:

  • National Media Group;
  • VGTRK – STS;
  • Home;
  • STS Love;
  • REN TV;
  • Fifth federal and other channels.

What is a promo code and where can I get it?

A promo code is a collection of random numbers and letters. The set is a cipher that gives a discount. Promotional codes are provided free of charge. The codes provided for More TV make it possible to save on subscription. In rare cases, a 100% discount is provided. The easiest way to find a promotional code is to use a web browser:

  • in the search bar, fill in the phrase “Promocode More TV”;
  • give preference to verified websites (they appear very first).

Such pages are provided with ciphers with the consent of the video resource itself.

The following sites provide an official promo code for the Sea TV subscription:

  • promokodio.com;
  • promkod.ru;
  • pepper.ru;
  • promokodus.com.

Websites do not ask for payment to use the promo code.

The activation of the promotional code itself takes place exclusively on the official website of the More TV video service. The updated cipher is used for viewing on all devices.

How do I deactivate my subscription and get my money back?

If the user wants to refuse the services of the service, he has the right to turn off the subscription at any time. The process is available for execution through a TV or phone.

It is a mistake to assume that by deleting your account, you will cancel the service. The subscription is tied to your Google Play, App Store or Sea TV account. Funds will not stop being withdrawn from the specified card automatically on the set day.

In the first case, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Open the Sea TV application, designed specifically for TV with Smart TV function.
  2. Log in with your security data (password). Complete the procedure
  3. Find the “Subscription” section. Next, click “Disable Auto-Renewal”. No fees will be charged from next month.Auto renewal

Subscription can be canceled via smartphone as follows:

  1. Go to the Play Market (in the case of an iPhone, the App Store).
  2. Find the “Subscriptions” section. A page will open showing all active services.SubscriptionSubscriptions
  3. Find More TV in the list, and click on the “Cancel” button. Cancel

If the cancellation operation was not performed at the end of the period (when the subscription expires), it is possible to get funds back for the unused time. The resource will return the rest of the money to the card.

In case of problems with disabling the subscription or when debiting money after canceling the service, the user can always contact the service specialists. There are several options:

  • call the hotline number 8-800-585-95-95;
  • write an email to (support@more.tv);
  • form an appeal on social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook.

Hacked version

There are hacked versions of More TV on the Internet. These sites do not require a subscription. Roskomnadzor monitors the work of such resources and blocks them, since the broadcast is illegal.

When using a fake site, the user faces administrative liability or a fine (the amount and punishment depends on the specific case).

You can recognize a fake site by the following signs:

  • there are a lot of advertisements on the page, which also periodically interrupt the viewing of content;
  • the image quality is poor;
  • hacked versions of More TV have broadcast restrictions (for example: it is impossible to watch the UFC live).

Video service More TV attracts users with an acceptable price for a subscription, an understandable site interface, and a simple content search filter. An important criterion for choosing Sea TV by buyers is the ability to use one subscription on several devices at the same time.

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