Actual widgets for Samsung Smart TV in 2021 for various series, videos

виджеты для Samsung Smart TV Smart TV

Today there are many kinds of
widgets for Samsung Smart TV . Below we will figure out what a widget is, what functions it performs, how to install it correctly, and which applications for various series of Samsung TVs are relevant in 2021

What is a widget and why is it needed?

A Smart TV widget is an application that performs a specific function. For example, such simple tasks as displaying the time on the icon or a more complex program – mirroring the chat window.
Widgets for Samsung Smart TVUsing widgets can greatly simplify the following processes:

  • get quick access to various applications;
  • pass authorization in the system;
  • get easy access to a specific part of the menu.

All widgets are divided by purpose as follows:

  • services that supply video at the user’s choice;
  • information services (news, navigation, weather, etc.);
  • resources that provide IPTV services;
  • various gaming services and applications;
  • training sites;
  • social networks;
  • applications that make it possible to watch movies with a three-dimensional image and high resolution;
  • services that provide voice, text or video communication using the Internet;
  • clients providing access to viewing videos of a wide variety of topics.

From a large number of widgets, each user can choose the right one for himself. These applications allow you to have a set of important functions at your disposal.

What kinds of widgets are there?

Today there are both official and unofficial types of widgets for Samsung Smart TV. There are also the most popular applications that have won many users due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Official widgets for Samsung Smart TV

New widgets appear regularly and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice among a large number of them. You need to carefully read all the characteristics of the application before installing them. Some of the best official widgets include:

  1. Social networks . Almost all social networks have a specially designed application for Samsung Smart TV. You can quickly install it and go to your page at any time (for example, Twitter, VK, Facebook, etc.).
  2. t . Allows you to watch your favorite movies in high quality. All films in this application are arranged in specific categories. Users are presented with a large selection of films of both foreign and Russian production.
  3. Skype . The world’s most popular video calling is now available on TV. But in this case, you will additionally need a webcam. If it is not included with your TV set, then you can purchase it separately and connect it using a cable.
  4. Playstation Now . This application is for those who like different games. With the help of widgets, today you can not only watch TV, but also fully play different games on the big screen. This program does not affect the processor, so the TV memory does not overload.
  5. NetFlix . Users are provided with a large library with interesting content. This is a great alternative to the usual television. There are various TV shows, films of a wide variety of genres.

To avoid crashes and freezes, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted high speed Internet.

Smart TV

Unofficial widgets

You can also use unofficial applications, the most popular of which are:

  1. Fork Player. This is one of the best Smart TV apps. It can be an excellent replacement for such programs. There is a comfortable interface, a wide variety of content, ease of installation and use.
  2. GETS IPTV. Here you can find a variety of videos and programs, a large number of films. The main advantage is high-quality content that has passed an additional selection. For channels “for adults” you can put a password. It is possible to synchronize and add your favorite videos to your favorites.
  3. This program is similar to the previous ones, but it has its own library, which contains more films, cartoons, as well as TV shows. They can be viewed online.

Popular in 2021 unofficial widgets for Samsung Smart TV running under Tizen OS: Installing widgets on SAMSUNG via a computer, ForkPlayer, Smart box, Lmod, IPTV for free on Tizen in 2021: https : // NStreamLmod widget for Samsung Smart UE40ES8007U: GetsTV widget for Samsung K series:

Where can I download?

To download a quality program, and the procedure itself was safe, it is best to use the official Samsung Apps store
. In this case, you can enjoy high-quality content, simple and understandable widgets. If you want to take a chance, you can use numerous third-party sites and download widgets from third-party companies.

How to install?

You can install the desired application using a simple flash drive. For this you need a computer and a flash card. To install widgets, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the archive of a specific widget and download it.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer, format it.
  3. Download the desired widget from Samsung Apps .
  4. In order not to destroy the necessary data, create a new folder in a blank media, into which you transfer the entire archive.
  5. When the data copying is completed, connect the storage device to Smart TV. The installation of the widget will start automatically.

After completion, the installed application should appear on the general panel.

More detailed instructions for installing widgets via a USB flash drive are presented in the video below.
Widgets are handy and easy-to-use applications that allow you to watch your favorite movies and programs at a convenient time. It is enough to choose a suitable widget and install it on your Smart TV.

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