Review of free and paid applications on Smart TV for watching TV, programs, services, games

приложения для смарт тв Smart TV

Smart TVs are truly smart devices. With their help, you can enjoy watching the best TV channels with high-quality images, listening to music, playing games, watching your favorite videos on YouTube, and chatting on social networks. But not all users can independently find, select and configure applications for Smart TV, as well as other useful functions for their “smart TV”. How to do it?

First steps after purchasing Smart TV

Smart TV control is not much different from smartphone control. As a rule, the user is offered a clear and convenient interface with various functions:

  • Applications for watching TV on Smart TV.
  • Online cinemas.
  • Web services for downloading and watching videos, such as YouTube.
  • Internet browsers.
  • Internet radio.
  • Games for Smart TV.

The first time you turn on the TV at home, you will need to create an account. To do this, you need to have an email or, if you do not have an email account, you will need to create one. When registering an account, you will be asked to enter an email address, come up with a password, it is possible to enter a phone number and a verification code. After creating an account, you will have access to all Smart TV functions.

Apps for watching TV on Smart TV

All applications for watching TV channels on Smart TV can be conditionally divided into paid and free, as well as applications with a limited number of free channels. When you open APPS on your TV, or another application manager, you will see a large number of applications. But not all of them have reached high quality, so we offer you our selection of the best Smart TV apps for watching TV.


MEGOGOMEGOGO is one of the most popular and high-quality applications. It is intended for viewing domestic and foreign films, cartoons, TV series, documentaries, television shows, music concerts. It offers both paid and free channels and movies. With a
paid subscription (several package options are offered), you will get access to more than 200 channels in excellent Full HD quality. Many films will also become available to you, which must be paid for viewing in online cinemas.

Free subscription – this is 20 channels with excellent image quality, the ability to rewind movies and programs.

The app has a “Parental Control” function where you can specify the age of your child. This feature will protect your children from watching unwanted movies and shows.


MORE TVAn application with free access to 19 channels: Mir, Phoenix PLUS Kino, Gastrolab, ATV, Soviet Comedy, Children, Business, Humor, Travel, Our Siberia and others. Russian and foreign serials will also be available to you. The app has a useful “add channel to favorites” feature. You can add any channel you like and watch your favorite programs several times. There is one drawback: every time you turn on the application, there are several commercials that cannot be missed.

Free online cinema for Smart TV

FreeSlyNet.tvThis application provides over 800 TV channels and over 1000 radio stations for free. A large number of films, TV series, cartoons are available. The application does not broadcast channels, but works through links from open sources. Some functions may not work correctly, for example “add to favorites”, channel search, but the developers are trying to bring the application to a high level. Inconvenient sorting of channels. All the necessary information about finding a program and installing it on your TV is on the official site

AmediatekaIn this application, the most rated and high-quality domestic and foreign TV series and films are available for viewing. It should be noted that the application is paid, but for an average price you are offered excellent image quality with translations of the best studios, fresh projects from HBO and other top studios in the world.

Online cinema IVI

Online cinema IVIIt is rightfully one of the most popular online cinemas. Now you can find it and install it on your Smart TV. This video library contains, perhaps, the largest number of domestic and foreign films, cartoons, TV series, trailers and rental novelties. Recently IVI offers several categories of TV channels for viewing: entertainment (360, NTV style, Retro), cognitive (H2, Our Siberia, Eureka, HD Adventures), children’s (Visiting a fairy tale, Children’s, Red), news, sports, music and other TV channels. You will be provided with the best picture quality, good studio translation, high quality sound. But it is important to know that the viewing of most films, especially new rental releases, must be paid for. For Sberbank clients IVI offers to pay for the subscription with “Thank you” bonuses.

If the Internet speed in your home is high, from 30 Mbps, then you can increase the number of free channels on your TV using set-top boxes. Clear instructions for installing and configuring gadgets in the video: Setting up an Android set-top box: Apps for Smart TV Samsung (Android Smart TV):

Smart TV applications with selected free TV channels

There are many such applications, they allow you to watch your favorite TV channels for free, and also offer a lot of useful information about movies, programs, actors, “not included in the frame”, etc. We will briefly review several of the most famous applications.


In the application of the First Channel, you will have access to the recordings of the best programs, sports matches, films and TV series broadcast on this channel. Convenient TV program, the ability to stop and rewind programs and many other useful functions.


This is a replacement for the standard TV channel. All films, programs, shows and sitcoms can be watched in the recording, added to favorites, stopped and rewound at will. Convenient search is available.


The Dozhd TV app is available on almost all TVs around the world, with the exception of several countries (China, Brazil). You will have access to all the programs and reports of the channel in excellent quality, live broadcast, lectures, convenient and understandable broadcasting schedule. It is possible to add your favorite programs to your favorites, to subscribe for a fee.

Other useful Smart TV apps for internet and games


It is the most popular video hosting service for downloading and watching videos. Thousands of free channels on various topics: fishing, humor, travel, hobbies, landscape, cooking, animal videos, cartoons, product reviews. If you already have a YouTube account, then you can log in to it through the TV. All playlists, videos you like, channel subscriptions will become available to you. YouTube is a free platform, but recently developers have been offering a paid premium subscription without ads.

Kinopoisk for Smart TV

Without this program, now available on TV, it is difficult to imagine the life of a moviegoer. The developers have fully preserved all useful functions: a list of premieres, movie descriptions, reviews, trailers, ratings of the “best films” in different categories, news, interviews. Upon authorization, if you already have an account on Kinopoisk, all your personal settings and movie lists will become available to you. Smart TVs have a huge number of programs and functions for watching your favorite channels, programs, videos and movies. Many of them are free and allow you to save money without buying additional set-top boxes, antennas, expensive TV channel packages. Games for Smart TV are also available in a large number: If you could not set up your TV yourself, find and install the required application,then all information can be found on YouTube. In the search on the main page, enter your query, for example, “How to install the application on a smart TV.” From the list, select the video you like, for example: The author of the video using the example of a Samsung TV creates an account, installs applications, commenting in detail on his actions.

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    Несколько месяцев назад купили с мужем смарт телевизор. Насколько мы довольны не передать словами! На пульте есть голосовое управление, нажимаешь, говоришь “ок, гугл, включи….” и называешь что хочешь смотреть. Управление настолько просто, что даже ребёнок справляется. Есть игры бесплатные, а главная приятность – это то, что такие площадки, как ivi, kinogo, megogo и т.д в подарок на полгода. Онлайн TV включает в себя кучу каналов. В общем, крутая вещь, мы очень довольны)

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    Пользуюсь телевизором с Smart TV около года. В основном использую онлайн кинотеатр IVI. Очень простое приложение, разберется даже ребенок. Большой выбор фильмов и сериалов.
    Так же нравится, что можно смотреть обычные телевизионные каналы. Новинки появляются часто, еще удобно тем, что можно включить ребенку мультик, какой он захочет.
    Однажды случайно приобрела не тот фильм, что хотела. Обратилась в техподдержку с просьбой вернуть деньги, баланс восстановился на следующие сутки.
    Ради интереса, попробую посмотреть и другие приложения, которые описаны в статье.

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