Smart card for digital TV: digital broadcast quality in one device

Что такое смарт-карта? Smart TV

Many cable and satellite TV channels are available only after payment. For the convenience of decrypting encoded content, providers use smart cards, which are connected to TVs either directly through the connector or through a special adapter. They provide quality content streaming.

What is a smart card and how is it used for digital TV viewing?

What is a smart card?Смарт-картой для цифрового телевидения (ЦТВ) называется небольшая пластиковая карта, в которую встроена микросхема с интегрированными электронными цепями. Многие модели данного устройства имеют в своей конструкции микропроцессор, а также специальную операционную систему, с помощью которой осуществляется управление прибором и постоянно контролируется доступ к сохраненным объектам. Смарт-карты для приема цифрового вещания – это устройства, обеспечивающие доступ к разным платным каналам, пакет которых выбирается пользователем. Благодаря им картинка получается четкой и яркой: они ловят сигналы телевещания без сбоев, поэтому на экране не появляются мерцания и цвета не размытые. Такую карточку можно получить у провайдера как спутникового, так и кабельного телевидения. На ее лицевую сторону нанесен логотип компании, а также закреплен электронный чип,storing access codes in encrypted form. A personalized number, as well as different code systems of providers, contribute to a significant reduction in the risk of hacking access to viewing paid channels.
Smart card for digital TV: digital broadcast quality in one device Smart card for MTS TV [/ caption]

Benefits of using SMART cards

Smartcard has the following list of benefits:

  1. The ability to independently choose the list of paid channels to which access is required.
  2. Gain constant access to high-quality digital broadcasting with improved clarity, as well as virtually no interference and distortion – the picture is obtained with good sound and brightness.
  3. If necessary, you can independently disconnect and connect certain pay TV channels.
  4. All users receive a text version of the TV program of films and programs, which is broadcast on the TV screen (this function depends on the provider and model of equipment).

How a smart card is used in a TV

In order to use a smart card of one or another provider of digital and cable TV, you do not need to have special skills: first you need to insert it into the slot intended directly for this card or into a special TV-box, and then set up the device according to the instructions.

For the uninterrupted and correct functioning of the card, it is necessary to monitor not only the serviceability of the access device itself, but also to ensure that the service package is paid on time. Otherwise, the system may malfunction.

All smart cards that providers give to their customers are unique, making it absolutely impossible to replace them with other cards. Therefore, it is necessary to use only registered and activated cards, on the surface of which there is no visible damage. In this way, the complications that prevent access to the content of the selected pay TV channels can be avoided.

Smart Card Readers

A smart card reader is a device that is designed to read and decrypt information on such a card. The latest models are excellent for reading a variety of crypto and microprocessor smart cards. In terms of functionality and technical characteristics, two types of devices are distinguished:

  1. Contact devices are devices that are used in cases where operations require reliable information protection.
  2. Contactless smart cards are devices that enable users to transmit information via radio signals.

Smart Card ReadersProviders of cable and satellite television offer mainly contactless models, the power of which is quite enough for quick reading and subsequent decoding of information. In addition, they are more convenient to use than contact readers. After all, data is transmitted over a considerable distance by radio signals. Therefore, with just one smart card, you can watch several TVs located in different parts of the house.

Smart card reader

The latest TV models have special CI / PCMCIA connectors for the CAM module. However, for older models, you need to purchase a special receiver (set-top box), which is connected to the TV using a cable.

What is a smart card used for in digital TV

Digital television itself is considered to be of high quality, so many people prefer to use only conventional satellite dishes to receive signals. However, many interesting channels are paid or protected codes. In this case, access to them is provided thanks to a special smart card, which is purchased separately from providers.

Smart card providers: Tricolor, NTV-Plus and others

Nowadays, lovers of satellite and cable TV have the opportunity to choose a provider for themselves from dozens of companies. The largest of them are Tricolor, NTV-Plus, MTS.

The Tricolor provider company provides smart cards that provide access to several channel packages:

  1. “Basic” – 25 channels of different directions. This package is the most affordable and most popular;
  2. “United” – includes 217 channels (regional and federal, highly specialized, musical, scientific and many others);
  3. “Children’s” – provides access to 17 federal and regional channels with children’s programs and cartoons;
  4. “Ultra HD” – makes available 4 exclusive channels;
  5. “Our Football” and “Match Football” – 2 and 6 channels, respectively;
  6. “Night” – 9 channels with erotica.

Smart card providers: Tricolor, NTV-Plus and others

The NTV-Plus provider serves smart cards with information encryption using the VIAccess system. This chip makes many digital channels available. Clients have the opportunity to order general packages with relevant and thematic TV channels.

One of the providers is the mobile operator MTS – it offers its customers the connection of a huge number of channels through a smart card with the IDRETO code system.

The card together with the CAM-module can be bought in the MTS communication shop or ordered on the Internet. For convenience of service, the company provides several different packages of TV channels, including “Basic” with general and thematic channels. You can also order a package with more than 190 satellite channels from this provider.

Operators of cable and satellite TV provide smart cards to all interested customers, creating a personalized number for each of them. Thus, viewers get access to a huge number of TV channels with high quality broadcasts. Therefore, it is much more convenient to use this device instead of satellite TV antennas or dishes. You can learn more about the devices and the features of their settings from this video:

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