Conditional encryption keys BISS keys for satellite TV

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Free satellite TV using BISS codes, is it reality or fiction? The article will tell you about what BISS codes are, why they are needed, where to get them and how to install them correctly.

What are BISS Keys and why are they needed

BISS is an abbreviation for the full name: Basic Interoperable Scrambling System. Literal translation is a system that provides conditional access to satellite communication channels.

Signal protection is carried out by means of a 16 or 12-digit code. The key is verified with the receiver and transmitter, it must first be entered into the device that will receive. Only a receiver with a pre-entered BISS key is capable of receiving and decoding the encrypted signal. The relevance of encryption in this way increases when it is necessary to broadcast sports events live, satellite operators usually charge a subscription fee for access to such events. As soon as satellite television appeared, the channels were activated using cards, on which the BISS code was located. The user had to buy a card and insert it into the receiver. This encryption system was bypassed very easily. The receiver emulated the presence of the code without a card, by pre-installing the emulator.Therefore, this option did not exist for long with paid satellite TV operators. In modern and near-modern tuners, the software supports emulation “out of the box”, which means there is an opportunity to get access to the TV channels of interest. Of course, in part this will be illegal activity, because providers provide access to TV channels on a paid basis. On the other hand, no one will guess about it. In short, for the side that broadcasts – the keys help to encrypt the signal, and for the receiving side – to decrypt using the existing BISS key. Signals can be encrypted for various reasons, the main one being commerce. Even in 2021, there are companies that provide paid access to TV channels using BISS codes. However, the disadvantage for such broadcasting is thatthat the encryption is static and not dynamic. True, most of the paid satellite operators have already abandoned this technology as it is outdated. But this does not mean that there are no more channels broadcasting using BISS codes. This means that anyone can find the BISS key, which will help to gain access to the TV channel of interest.
Conditional encryption keys BISS keys for satellite TV

Where to find up-to-date BISS keys

There is an unlimited number of BISS keys on the Internet at the request of “up-to-date BISS keys” for all satellite operators. However, you can find codes for specific TV channels of interest, for this you should create a request of the following type: biss key for “name of the TV channel”. Another effective way to find keys is registration and activity on thematic forums, the activity of which is quite high. In addition to the actual codes, there you can discuss issues related to this topic, as well as learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular tuner model. You can often get help there if something doesn’t work out. In application stores on smartphones, you can find specialized applications that allow you to track the appearance of new codes. However, the keys are added by the application developers themselves,therefore, in terms of efficiency, this method is inferior to the previous one.

Biss keys 2021 – new fresh relevant for today: all popular satellites, there is an update

Here are some popular channels in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as BISS keys to them. Over time, the presented codes will lose their relevance, since providers tend to change them, in which case they will have to resort to searching for new ones. BISS keys are especially popular on the territory of Ukraine, however, they do not have a specific binding to states, which means that any user with a code and direct access to a satellite can watch a TV channel from another country.

Russian TV channels
NameBISS key / IDFrequency
STS Love12 34 56 00 78 9A BC 00 / C11345 V
Disney6B A1 E5 00 74 BB CA 00/212522 V
CheAB C1 23 00 45 67 89 00/811345 V
RTR Planet12 34 56 9C 78 90 AB B3 / 811498 H
Peace12 34 56 9C 65 43 21 C9 / 38411580 H
STS KidsB1 55 45 4B E5 20 19 1E / 201212052 V
World 2412 34 56 9C 65 43 21 C9 / 1F411580 H
Russia 103 27 02 2C 10 62 51 C3 / 000212604 V
Russia 203 27 02 2C 10 62 51 C3 / 000112640 V
Ukrainian TV channels
NameBISS key / IDFrequency
Culture10 06 10 26 11 07 12 29/911140 H
First10 06 10 26 11 07 11 29 / D11175 H
8 channel22 22 22 66 22 22 22 66 / C12411 H
34 channelA5 EB 22 B2 57 6F 75 3B / 0B6712245 V
Nadia TV11 22 33 00 44 55 66 00 / 1B0312284 V
Inter +12 34 AC F2 12 34 AC F2 / 1EF612437 V
Channel 1 + 165 43 21 C9 12 34 56 9C / 3  10722 H
TRK Kiev10 72 20 A2 15 05 07 21/410722 H
Trophy1A 2B 3C 81 C3 B2 A1 16 / C11389 H
STB11 00 00 11 11 00 00 11/110759 H

Update, new actual Conditional encryption keys BISS keys for satellite TV
Conditional encryption keys BISS keys for satellite TVBISS keys for 2021:
When entering a BISS key, parameters such as ID and frequency may also be required. Therefore, you should pay attention to their presence. TV channels and BISS keys for July 2021 – Hot Bird 13.0 ° E satellite: Updated fresh bis keys for satellite channels on popular channels – relevant for 2021:

How to enter BISS KEY

The way to enter the code depends directly on the tuner / receiver model and software. There is no universal way of adding, so you need to find a menu in which you can add a BISS key. Some tuner models provide the ability to enter the emulation system using a combination of numbers:

  • 7010;
  • 4100;
  • 9976;
  • 9339;
  • 9766.

You can try this method, if it does not help, then to simplify the process, you can use the Internet, find a specific receiver model and follow the simple instructions to get to the menu.
Conditional encryption keys BISS keys for satellite TVOne of the detailed instructions [/ caption] After you have managed to get to the corresponding menu, you need to find a submenu where you can edit the keys. It can be called “Add / Edit Key” or “Edit / add key / keys”, you should select this item. Next, you will enter the code itself in the appropriate field, in addition to the key itself, sometimes the system may require the frequency and ID, they should also be entered. The last step is to save the code in the emulator. This usually happens by clicking the “OK” button. However, some models of receivers may differ slightly, for example, you will have to select the “Save” item with the arrows. In general, this point should not create significant problems. As soon as the input process is completed, you can continue to enter the existing keys or enjoy watching the TV channel. Input problems are extremely rare,since this manual, although it does not contain specific advice (for this you need to know the exact model of the receiver), it can be called universal with an asterisk. Most of them manage to enter the keys on their own, without the help of specialists. Sometimes the provider can change the channel frequency, for example, when the broadcast is transferred to another satellite. In this case, the BISS code will also change. We’ll have to wait until the key for the desired TV channel appears in the public domain. Entering the byss keys into the tuner: the broadcast is transferred to another satellite. In this case, the BISS code will also change. We’ll have to wait until the key for the desired TV channel appears in the public domain. Entering the byss keys into the tuner: the broadcast is transferred to another satellite. In this case, the BISS code will also change. We’ll have to wait until the key for the desired TV channel appears in the public domain. Entering the byss keys into the tuner:

Tips and Secrets

If you can open the editor, but there is no BISS encoding, then you need to switch to any channel, and then press the buttons in the following sequence: 9339. In the menu that opens, select “Edit key” or “Edit Key”, and then go to the submenu with BISS encodings … To add a new code, you must click on the green button. If certain difficulties arise when entering a byss code, it makes sense to contact professionals who have been working in this area for many years. Of course, their services will cost a certain amount, but it will be possible to quickly get access to your favorite TV channels. Some experts may even share unique keys that decode popular channels. This option is definitely worth the money. As a result, the user will have access to a wide range of TV channels for every taste,where everyone can find something for themselves. BISS codes do not have to be entered using the remote control. On most modern tuner models, you can install a special package of settings that removes blocking from channels. Simply put, reflash the device, and then the software will automatically perform automatic configuration.

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