What is CI adapter and cam module for TV

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The CI Module (CAM Module CI +) is a slot located on the rear of the device. This system allows the user to provide access to previously encrypted content delivered via
satellite TV . This is relevant when there are unavailable channels, or there is some database that needs to be accessed, for example, to films or animation.

This abbreviation stands for Conditional Access Module (ci cam conditional access module), the modular element itself is inserted into a special CI (common interface) slot.

What is CI adapter and cam module for TV
Сam MTS module [/ caption]

How it works

It is envisaged to place in the CAM-module some
smart card for subsequent decoding, which is provided by the provider of satellite or cable TV.
What is CI adapter and cam module for TVSmart card and cam module for TV from the satellite TV operator MTS [/ caption] Without this card, the module will not work, given the fact that all data, relevant for decryption are located directly on this element. The presence of this card represents access to paid material provided by the service provider.

Are all TVs equipped with a cam module

As a rule, the CAM module is included directly with the TV set. But it can be noted that not all TVs are equipped with this device. In the event that a modular element is missing, it will need to be purchased separately in the future. Alternatively, service providers will be able to provide this equipment directly with the service itself. However, it is often offered for rent for very little money.
What is CI adapter and cam module for TVLike Tricolor module [/ caption]

Benefits of using a cam module for a TV

The main advantage is that when there is a built-in cam module, the amount of equipment required for television broadcasting is minimal. Then you do not need a set-top box for receiving
digital TV , as well as a tuner used for broadcasting satellite TV. The benefits also include:

  1. Reducing the equipment used, taking into account the fact that the cam TV module takes up a lot of space.
  2. There is no need for an additional socket through which a tuner or set-top box is connected.
  3. You can easily use one control panel, you do not need a second one, as it happens when broadcasting television with a set-top box.
  4. No other cables are used to provide transmission.
  5. There are no other blocks, the presence of which can greatly affect the quality of the picture and sound.
  6. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the purchase of additional equipment.
  7. Easy to set up and connect.

How decoding works

The delivery of content within the framework of digital television is carried out directly in encrypted form. To unblock this signal, you need a code, which is changed by the provider directly according to the given algorithm. The transmission is carried out from a decoding smart card, which is issued by the provider directly when purchasing the service. Specially paid channels, as well as those included in the tariff plan, will be unblocked in the future.
What is CI adapter and cam module for TVOther channels will remain directly closed. In order to unlock, you additionally need to take care of special tuners. These signals are received for cable TV in the DVB-C / DVB-C2 standard, while for satellite –
DVB-S / DVB-S2 .

How to connect a cam module to a TV: installation and configuration

Depending on the specific model, the cam module can be connected directly through the CI slot or through a separate adapter supplied directly with the TV set. A modular device is installed on the back of the TV:
What is CI adapter and cam module for TVHow and where to correctly insert the cam-module on the TV [/ caption] In the first case, you need to do the following:

  1. Insert a conditional access smart card into the module.
  2. Check if the card is correctly installed, in particular, the contacts of the chip should be directly directed strictly to the front side of this module.
  3. This card is not purchased together with the modules, it must be paid for and obtained from a TV service provider.

What is CI adapter and cam module for TVInstalling a smart card via the cam module [/ caption]

Installation via CI adapter

An adapter is supplied with the TV. If the item is lost, you can purchase it at a special service center. The installation process looks like this:

  1. On the back of the TV, you must remove the sticker at the place where the adapter is installed.
  2. The adapter is installed with contact elements in the holes provided for this.What is CI adapter and cam module for TV
  3. By pushing on the adapter, you can easily connect it to the connector.
  4. Make sure that the element is connected tightly enough without wobbling.
  5. Insert the access card into the corresponding module.
  6. It will be necessary to make sure that the card is connected correctly, taking into account the direction of the metal contacts of the card.
  7. The card itself is purchased separately, from the provider of this service, provider.
  8. The modular element with the inserted card is connected to the active adapter.

How to install and configure the CAM module: https://youtu.be/Y0Ppa1E1utU

It is important to make sure that the module is firmly inserted all the way and directly on the right side.

Cam module Tricolor: https://youtu.be/iq_WCuH0NUA

Varieties of CAM modules and CI adapters

Depending on the version of this adapter, one or two access cards can be supported. This is true when there is a desire to work with content directly from two providers. In addition to the traditional adapter, you can also find a modification with a “+” sign. This development is a completely updated version of the system product capable of providing full protection against piracy. Some additional features for the operator have been implemented, which should include:

  1. A prohibition on recording a software product.
  2. Permission for one-time viewing of media content.
  3. Ban on the provision of promotional activities.

The modules themselves can be:

  1. Designed for one system.
  2. Universal designs.

Single-system modular elements can work exclusively with one encoding name. They are supplied with the smart card when the contract is concluded. Universal devices support several different algorithms and encodings. Then the installation of a map of various providers is available. In this case, the devices independently determine which decoding sequence will be relevant in a particular situation. When the user has a universal modular element, it will be enough just to get a card from the provider.
What is CI adapter and cam module for TV

Missing ci cam module and other errors – how to solve problems

Missing cam module

It is enough to check whether the “Common interface” menu item is active. This is done in the following way. For models presented in the F, H, J series (2013-2015), you will need to enter the “Broadcast” menu, and through it, select the “Common interface” item. For series C, D, E (2010-2012), it will be enough to enter the menu called “System”, and then exit to the menu “Common interface”. If this item is inactive, you will need to disconnect the TV from the power supply. Then the adapter and the model are reconnected. However, if there is such a possibility, you will need to connect another module to perform the check.

Scrambled channels

When the function is active, but the channels will not be decoded, you will need to follow the same procedure for adjusting the channel. Finally, if necessary, you will need to contact the service center to clarify the correct information.

CAM-module for TV without a monthly fee – where to get it and how to set it up

In this case, you will need to contact a specialized service that will help you get the necessary cards for your TV.

Pros and cons

For TVs with support for digital television in a particular region, you will have to pay impressive amounts in the future. But in addition to such an additional payment, you will also have to make an additional payment for the module itself. In particular, the fee will often be directly comparable to the cost of a full-fledged receiver. When using the cammodule, TVs will be able to provide not only the reception of a TV signal, but also the recording of programs and other content, thus creating an up-to-date archive of TV programs. In the future, it is proposed to revise the program or even pause it for non-stop viewing.

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