How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working servers

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NTV Plus is the first satellite TV operator in Russia, and has been a long-term leader among providers. Today the company offers a huge variety of fun channels in good quality. The cost of services is moderate, but the connection of each additional TV is paid. Not many people know, but in order not to overpay for
access cards , you can use the card sharing service. Read more about the technology below.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working servers

The principle of operation of cardsharing

To understand the topic, let’s start with a concept. So, cardsharing (from the English card – card, to share – to share, share; literally – to share a card) is a modern technology, with the help of which independent receivers get access to pay TV channels
satellite and
cable TV using just one access card. In this case, the television signal itself is still received through a
satellite dish or cable. Sharing’s technical base is a
server . Receivers are connected to it via the Internet, which receive the encoded satellite signal and decrypt it. For the purpose of decoding, special software is used – an emulator.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversTo connect and use this service, as a rule, additional equipment is not required. The main conditions for sharing are:

  • active uninterrupted internet connection;
  • receiver with support for cardsharing or DVB-card;
  • satellite dish for signal reception;
  • subscription to cardsharing.

The cardsharing technology has a number of advantages. The main advantage, for which the service is actually activated, is a significant reduction in television costs. At the same time, the quality of the TV broadcast is preserved, and the user still has to choose the appropriate package of channels.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversThe principle of card sharing [/ caption]

Note! Cardsharing is not an unauthorized access procedure. All keys that are required to access the channel are on the operator’s card. And the license agreement is concluded with its owner. At the same time, the service is not entirely legal. And the responsibility for its use lies with the end user.

NTV + cardsharing – what are the advantages?

Currently, NTV-Plus offers over 240 TV channels in high quality. Most of the paid packages are available in HD and Full HD format, there is a 3D channel. The content is varied and will be of interest to all family members. There are federal channels, news, educational, music, sports, children’s, as well as TV channels broadcasting films and series, and much more. Sharing NTV is interesting for those users who have opted for this telecommunications operator. And in this case, the activation of the service will also act as an NTV-Plus access card. That is, it will unblock all the necessary TV channels. Sharing NTV can be activated both for a day, and for a month, a year. The conditions and cost of activating the technology will depend on the selected service. Next, we will analyze the nuances of connecting and setting up NTV cardsharing, popular services,and the services they offer.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working servers

Connection to NTV cardsharing

As mentioned earlier, before activating the cardsharing technology, you will need to connect and configure
satellite TV . In this case, the following equipment is used:

  1. Satellite dish . The diameter of the plate is 0.6 or 0.9 meters, depending on the region of residence. Sent to the NTV-Plus satellite (for the European zone it is EUTELSAT W4 / W7 or EUTELSAT 36A / 36B / 36C).
  2. Linear or circular converter .
  3. A receiver that supports the card sharing function . The option is available on almost all modern models. If it is absent, you can reflash the old receiver or buy a new one.
  4. Extension cable for COM port or null modem cable . The choice of this equipment depends on the receiver.
  5. SAT cable .

How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversNTV plus coverage map [/ caption] If satellite TV is set up, go to the cardsharing connection. This process begins with choosing a service, a channel package, paying for services and receiving settings. Let’s consider the issue in more detail. After choosing the Ntv + sharing service, we go to registration on the site. Typically, this will require you to enter your email address, come up with a strong password, and agree to the license agreement. Next, we receive an email with a username and password. We pass authorization.

Note! During registration, some services ask for recommendations from already registered users. If this is not possible, you can contact support with a request for access. In some cases, this solves the problem.

The next step is to top up your balance. This will allow you to access paid services. If the service is unfamiliar, it is recommended to transfer the minimum amount required to receive the requested services. More details about payment methods can be found on the official websites of the sharing servers. On some sharing tests, NTV sharing tests are also available, for example here (
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversThe final step is to select the package of interest, and make a purchase.

Services providing services for sharing satellite TV NTV

There are many sharing services , but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, we will consider the most popular, proven and convenient resources.

SERVER PRO100NTV cardsharing is one of the best for NTV +

First, we checked “SERVER PRO100NTV Cardsharing” (link Judging by the discussions on the forums, this resource turned out to be one of the most popular. Cardsharing pro100 NTV offers 5 packages to choose from:

  1. “Light NTV +” is NTV + HD 36 E and NTV + HD 56 E. This package will cost 70 rubles a month.
  2. Another popular solution “Light Continent”, which includes “Continent 85.2” and “Telecard 85 E”. The price tag is humane – only 60 rubles a month.
  3. The “VIP-ALL” package includes the largest number of channels. And it will cost 100 rubles a month.

Note! After registering on the site, users receive a free test of the VIP-ALL package for a day.

  • “Europe” package – 70 rubles per month.
  • “Asia” – the cost is 80 rubles.

You can pay for services in numerous ways online.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working servers

NTV Sharing

Another proven resource is NTV Sharing. Placed on the website “”. On this service, you can pay for services on a daily or monthly basis. There is a bonus system, according to which such a gradation of value:

  • when replenishing the balance in the amount of $ 15, $ 20 is deposited into the account;
  • for $ 20 we get 28;
  • the maximum amount of bonus replenishment is $ 50, while we get 100.

A wide range of packages for a wide variety of categories of citizens. The cheapest budget package is ORF, which costs $ 0.02 per day or $ 0.6 per month. The VIP package includes the contents of all the pacts. The cost is only $ 0.16 per day or $ 4.8 per month. The site interface is quite user-friendly. Here you can easily find any necessary information: find a list of packages and their contents, find out the cost of the required service, choose a payment method and other information.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversRegistration in NTV cardsharing [/ caption] You can also get a free test mode for NTV + sharing. Referral program available. Link to visit the site

Sharing access to satellite TV NTV for a dollar

There are a lot of NTV sharing servers on the Internet. Therefore, each resource is relentlessly fighting for its client, inventing interesting and beneficial offers for users. One of these is access to encrypted HD channels from all available providers for just $ 1 a month or 10 cents a day. Tempting, isn’t it? Such an offer is offered by such well-known sharing platforms as “Stable NTV + Cardsharing” (, the site “” ( After registering on the site, the service can be tested for free.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working servers

Sharing NTV plus for free

Not all users know, but payment for NTV cardsharing can also be bypassed. One of the options is to use the Microbox receiver.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversThe technical characteristics of the device are quite modest, but the receiver is not expensive and consumes a small amount of electricity. However, its main advantage is that this tuner receives the encoded signal directly from the satellite dish. The main snag is the need to make the appropriate firmware and install the system correctly. If Microbox is connected to another tuner via a com port, then the content will be available not only practically free of charge, but even without an Internet connection.

Note! Free viewing with a Microbox receiver is available for both NTV and Tricolor customers.

We would definitely recommend Microbox, Openbox and Dreambox. Each of the receivers is suitable for cardsharing, will delight you with its capabilities and proper operation.
How to connect NTV Plus cardsharing, popular working serversNTV cardsharing is simple, convenient and economical. The main task is not to be mistaken when choosing a server. And then watching your favorite satellite channels will be enjoyable and exciting.

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