The best cardsharing servers: selection criteria, TOP-5 for 2021

Not many people know, but any satellite or cable TV user can watch scrambled channels without overpaying for access cards. The main condition is to find a reliable cardsharing server and connect to it. In the review, we will tell you in detail what it is and how it works, describe the best of the servers, and answer the most popular questions.

What is a cardsharing server

To understand the concept of a sharing server, let’s start with the essence of cardsharing services. So, by cardsharing we mean the technology of intercepting DW (Descrambling Words) codes for the purpose of using them on other devices. In other words, this is a connection to a remote paid smart card from a provider to decode TV channels on other TVs.
Note! An unlimited number of users can be connected to one original card. The server is the technical base for cardsharing. Receivers are connected to it via the Internet, which receive the encoded satellite signal and decrypt it. Let’s analyze the principle of operation of servers in more detail.

How the cardsharing server works

The main principle of sharing servers is scrambling audio and video streams at the stage of their formation, and further decryption of codes on user equipment. Ask how is this possible? When using cardsharing, the provider’s card invariably remains the keeper of the keys. But due to the fact that most systems transmit DW from the operator card to the receiver in an open form, there is a possibility of data interception. So, every 10-20 seconds, the cardsharing server sends a request for new keys, intercepts the decoded CSA keys, and redirects the code to the network (LAN / Internet). Further, the data is transmitted to the receivers. After that, the broadcast of the encoded channels becomes available on other TVs.

Sharing server selection criteria

Sharing server is the main link in card sharing broadcast. It is on him that the filling and quality of television broadcasting depends. The stability and power of the server determines the quality of the broadcast on TV screens. Of course, the processor is of fundamental importance here. But not everything depends on him. When choosing a cardsharing server, firstly, you should take into account the type of broadcasting (satellite or IPTV) and the provider. We explain this by the fact that most servers are not universal, and are tailored for a specific television. The next criterion is its location. Any user anywhere in the world can use the card sharing service. At the same time, the geography of the server always predetermines the regions for service. Information on the available regions should be found on the official sites of the servers. An equally important aspect is reliability and stability.Most of the top servers are eager to demonstrate their services, and offer a free test mode. So the user will be able to assess the quality of TV broadcasting and it is easier to decide on the package of TV channels. It is also recommended to read the reviews of active users. You should also pay attention to the type of payment for services. All possible payment methods are indicated on the sites.
Note! The list of top servers changes from time to time. This is due to the fact that some of them fail, others are blocked at the state level.

TOP 5 best cardsharing servers

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of sharing services. Unfortunately, not all are reliable. Therefore, now we will consider the most popular, proven and convenient resources.

Cardsharing from ZEOS

First we checked the server for satellite TV “ZEOS Online”. Judging by the reviews on the forums, this resource turned out to be one of the most popular. The resource has been active for over 5 years, covers the whole world and has more than 73,000 active users. The list of available packages is constantly updated. Currently there are more than 30 available. Service prices are moderate. But the most profitable and interesting offer is the purchase of the VIP Full package for only $ 1.

Cardsharing SERVER PRO100NTV

The equally popular SERVER PRO100NTV sharing server is of interest to NTV satellite TV clients. The server offers 5 packages to choose from:

  • “Light NTV +” is NTV + HD 36 E and NTV + HD 56 E. The cost of the service is 70 rubles per month.
  • The second package “Light Continent”, which includes “Continent 85.2” and “Telecard 85 E”. Package price – 60 rubles per month.
  • The “VIP-ALL” package includes the largest number of channels. The provision of such a service will cost 100 rubles per month. A nice bonus – after registering on the site, users receive a free test of the VIP-ALL package for a day.
  • And also the “Europe” package – for 70 rubles a month.
  • And the package “Asia” – the price of which will be 80 rubles.

There are at least nine payment methods. All of them are listed on the site. SERVER PRO100NTV cardsharing on its resource also regularly publishes the latest news regarding changes in NTV-Plus. Therefore, users can always get information about changes in the content of packages and much more.


Gomel-Sat is one of the oldest servers, and has been operating since the distant 2005. The resource is universal. Interesting for both satellite TV and IPTV users. In addition to entertainment content, it broadcasts regional channels in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. The minimum subscription period is 1 month. There are also additional options:

  • Viewing on multiple devices;
  • Free test mode of any package (test mode duration – 12 hours; no more than once a week).

The server offers over 15 satellite TV packages and over 500 channels. Each of the packages is available in a free test mode. Prices for services start at $ 0.02 per day or $ 0.5 per month. Users note the convenience of using their personal account, as well as the reliability and stability of broadcasting.

Cardsharing-Server LLC

Server Cardsharing-Server LLC offers to connect to cardsharing and IPTV. A huge number of different packages of TV channels are offered here. Each option can be tested. There is also a system of bonuses and discounts. Technical support 24/7. You can contact Telegram, Skype, ICQ.

TOP cheap and free cardsharing servers

Some cardsharing servers offer users free or shareware viewing of TV channels. Let’s consider the main ones.  


For clients of one of the largest providers of satellite TV broadcasting “Raduga TV” (satellite ABS 75.0 E) and NTV, this resource is a godsend. Connection to the server is carried out using both CCcam and Newcamd protocols. Payment for services is carried out on a daily or monthly basis. There is also a bonus system. When replenishing the balance in the amount of $ 15, $ 20 is deposited into the account; with a replenishment of $ 20, we get 28; the maximum amount of bonus replenishment is $ 50, while we get 100. There are a lot of different offers and packages. The most budgetary is the ORF package. Its cost is $ 0.02 per day or $ 0.6 per month. The VIP package includes the contents of all the pacts. Moreover, its cost is only $ 0.16 per day or $ 4.8 per month. It is quite convenient to use your personal account. Here you can easily find any information you need:find a list of packages and their contents, find out the cost of any service, payment methods and other information. It is also possible to test one of the packages. All you need to do is click on the green button “Get a free test”. Moreover, they even offer to earn money. But, in fact, they are implementing a referral program. And for each brought user, from 3 to 20% of his top-up amount will be dripped to the account.And for each brought user, from 3 to 20% of his top-up amount will be dripped to the account.And for each brought user, from 3 to 20% of his top-up amount will be dripped to the account.
The best cardsharing servers: selection criteria, TOP-5 for 2021

Rating servers for cardsharing for $ 1

Those users who want to save money without losing picture quality have the opportunity to access the encoded HD channels of all available providers for just $ 1 a month or 10 cents a day. This offer is valid on the servers “Stable NTV + Cardsharing” and “”. After registration, the option can be tested for free.

Free test modes

Almost every card-sharing server offers free package testing services. The duration of the tests, as a rule, varies from 12 hours to 3 days. But the forums also have information about the extension of this period. To do this, it is proposed to use the code and password, which can be found on the Internet upon request.

Question answer

What if the package has been paid for, but the channels are not broadcast? Always choose a reliable cardsharing server. And if the problem is not in the TV, but still sharing – contact the technical support of the site. Cardsharing is a godsend for TV lovers. Refer to trusted resources. And then watching your favorite channels will be enjoyable and exciting.        

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