Free and paid adult satellite channels

Спутниковое ТВ

One of the most in-demand genres on the satellite TV channel list
is erotic content. Today, adult channels broadcast in standard digital quality, in HD and 3D format. Porn channels in Russian can also be viewed if you purchase packages from the providers Temptation HD, Temptation, Tricolor TV, Night Club and NTV plus: Russian Night.
Free and paid adult satellite channels

How to connect free and paid satellite channels

The key advantage of satellite TV is the ability to connect it in places where other television options are not available. If the equipment is purchased, the receiver is configured and a satellite dish is connected
, then you can select erotic channels from the list of options offered to viewers. Setting up satellite TV:

  1. Plug the antenna into the LNB Satellite IN socket on the TV.
  2. Next, you need to turn on the TV, go to the settings menu. Set the setting for automatic channel search with indication of the source of viewing via “Satellite”.Free and paid adult satellite channels
  3. You can select a specific satellite to make the correct settings.
  4. When the setup is complete, select the icon with the inscription: “Skip encrypted channels”.
  5. The channels found by the search will be gradually displayed on the screen. Then they will be stored in the TV’s memory. Scanning can also be stopped at any time.
  6. In the last step of the setup, you can sort, delete or customize the channels.

More details on how to carry out the initial
configuration of a satellite dish using the example of MTS TV.
Free and paid adult satellite channels

Satellites and transponders of channels 18+

Satellite TV today is provided with improved HDTV settings and 3D graphics. As for the packages available to viewers for payment, you can find HD and 3D pornographic channels in them. There are even channels in the new DVB-S2 standard in HDTV quality. On the TV, you can set up foreign porn satellite TV channels that do not have registered studios on the territory of the Russian Federation. To configure, you need a satellite receiver on Linux – Dreambox or Tuxbox.


Now, thanks to compression technology, the number of transmission channels has grown significantly. Thus, today from one orbital position, hundreds of adult free and paid TV channels can be received. Channels 18+ can be viewed from transponders and frequencies such as 10930 / H / 30000 2/3 DVB-S2 and 11662 / V / 27500 3/4 DVB-S2 Most often, adult channels can be found on the following satellites (the three most popular) :

  • HotBird 13 ° E;
  • Astra 1KR 19.2 ° E;
  • Eutelsat W4 / W7 36 ° E.

Satellite channels for adults – transponders and frequencies in the tables:
Free and paid adult satellite channelsFree and paid satellite channels for adults – satellites, frequencies, transponders [/ caption]

Free Adult Satellite (FTA)

It is convenient not to pay extra money for opening erotic content. However, such channels still have a disadvantage.


Free-of-charge channels that provide viewers with engaging erotic content. The channel can be found at a transmission frequency of 19.2 °. Channel managers have improved the technical quality of communication, so viewers can now watch erotica in improved quality. SEXYSAT is owned by a studio that specializes in serving 18+ content in a live show style. The channel most often shows programs in which seductive ladies flaunt in front of webcams, talk on the phone and fulfill erotic requests from viewers. Hot lesbian shows are available on the channel on Saturdays.
Free and paid adult satellite channels

eUrotic TV 1,2

Erotic TV once made an unforgettable impression on viewers, declaring its leadership against the background of other satellite pornographic channels. Competitors were clearly inferior in terms of content. On Erotic TV, you can watch online shows, several girls participate in the programs, the studios are decorated with original decorations, and high-quality music is also selected. Among the participants in the show on the first and second channels of eUrotic TV there are Russian women. Girls often discuss in Russian the next man who called. The first Erotic Channel shows films, reports from exhibitions and erotic festivals, clips and interviews. On the second new channel from the studio, they mainly show advertisements, and in the evenings, live show for several hours.

X-streame TV

The popular satellite erotic channel is so popular with viewers because it is free. During the day, you can see only fragments of light eroticism, and in the evening, more piquant content. In contrast to the full-fledged frank eroticism in the video on the channel, intimate places are covered with a blue square. As conceived by the chief editors, this is necessary to cover the intimate places of the actors. This intriguing “square” constantly exposes those details that, it seems, should not be on the TV screen.

Important! All free erotic channels have a significant drawback, due to which many viewers prefer paid content. Many creeping lines and blocks with advertisements are not pleasant to many, but due to advertising, the channels are available for free viewing.

We remind you! Viewing these channels is not allowed in the presence of children!

A wide selection of adult-themed paid channels allows you to find interesting content. Some channels work around the clock and with little advertising.

Dorcel TV

This channel is full of many erotic videos, films, clips and even erotic serials. On Mondays, the channel has a thematic night of programs from one specific porno theme. Many connoisseurs of Russian pornography prefer “Russian night”. Dorcel TV broadcasts around the clock, but the channel has four reruns of six hour blocks.
Free and paid adult satellite channels

French lover

An excellent selection of sex scenes movies is constantly being updated. Most of the movies on this channel are directed from European studios. Small ad units are included between films on the channel.


This channel was not previously included in most offerings to viewers. Access to XXL was limited and people could only watch the content from certain pay satellite TV platforms. Today XXL is included in the paid Elite package and other subscriptions – due to this, the number of viewers is increasing. Erotica viewing is available from 00:30 until the morning. Until 02:00 you can watch light erotic shows, which run for about half an hour. Starting at 02:00 at night, there are two films with a small advertisement between episode screenings. A selection of erotic films on XXL channel for every taste: from American to European porn films, mulattos, gays, lesbians.

InXtc and Xplustv

These channels can be watched in the Fullx subscription, but already in the Premium module. You can watch interesting erotica for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Films of European production are mainly shown here. The package with paid popular channels can be viewed on the map with an annual and six-month subscription. Satellites, transponders and frequencies on which you can watch erotic and porn channels of satellite TV online:

How to decode channels on satellite TV:


In order to watch high-quality films, clips and shows with an erotic bias, you should think about purchasing satellite receivers on Linux with support for
cardsharing . Also keep in mind that you need an official subscription card to access certain 18+ encoded channels.

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