Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configure

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A satellite TV antenna , regardless of size and model, requires precise tuning for optimal performance of the entire satellite TV system. Even if everything is
set correctly , but there are some errors, this will affect the quality of the signal in bad weather conditions. There are professional devices for accurate satellite dish tuning – satellite finders. In this article, we will analyze what devices are for tuning a satellite dish, what they are, as well as how to choose a device and set up a dish.

What is the name of the device for tuning satellite dishes? Such a device is called a satellite finder or Satellite Finder (SatFinder).

Why do you need a device for tuning a satellite dish and what is it

A device for tuning a satellite dish is also called a satellite finder or satellite signal indicator. It is designed to quickly search for satellites within a radius of several meters and their further tuning.
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureThe satellite finder is designed to simplify and speed up the process of finding and aligning a satellite dish, as other devices will only help you roughly determine the
direction, azimuth and tilt for the equipment .
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureAzimuth and tilt angle [/ caption] The essence of the device is that it determines the exact location of the satellite antenna, which then transmits a signal to the receiver. Correct / incorrect positioning notification is displayed on the satellite finder screen.

It’s important to know. All satellites are located at a specific longitude, to which the antenna should be directed. Therefore, the owners of satellite television, after purchasing the equipment, have to configure the set-top box to search for and further display channels.

Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureDiagram of the device Satfinder [/ caption]

Satellite Finder instrument views

In terms of their functionality, all satellite finders are the same, but in terms of cost and volume of information received, there are 3 main types. Let’s consider each of them in the table:

A kind of satellite finderFeatures, advantages and disadvantagesHow much does a device for tuning a satellite dish cost
Household household modelsFor self-tuning, use the simplest device – an arrow satellite finder. Such a device is affordable. Of the minuses, a low level of response to a change in the signal level is noted.RUB 500-2000
Semi-professional and amateur modelsOutwardly, such devices are similar to household models, but they offer the user an LCD display and a wider range of output data. On the screen of semi-professional models, the following is broadcast: frequency, polarization, symbol rate. This data allows you to verify that the signal is tuned to the correct satellite.From 2000 to 5000 rubles.
Professional modelsThese devices are designed to be used by professional satellite dish installers. They are a portable device with microprocessor control.From 6000 rub. and higher.

You need to choose a device based on your own needs. For home use, inexpensive models that are equipped with an arrow indicator are suitable for a person.
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureArrow satellite finder [/ caption] Powerful devices are used by those who often resort to adjusting satellite dishes. For example, installers.
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configurePribor satfinder for measuring TV signal and setting the satellite antenna [/ caption]

How to choose a quality device for measuring satellite signal

The demand for satellite finders has grown over the past few years, as it is impossible to fine-tune satellite dishes without it. But the prices for equipment are going down. This is due to the fact that the range of TV products on the Russian market is increasing, and competition is growing. Manufacturers try to produce high-quality models of devices at an affordable price. But even now, there is a large number of defects on the market. If you buy such a device and use it when setting up, then no result will be achieved. To avoid mistakes, you must take a responsible approach to the choice of the device. There are a number of recommendations:

  1. Focus on your own needs. For home use, a pointer satellite finder is enough , while installers cannot do without an expensive satellite tuning device that will quickly and accurately display data on the LCD display.
  2. Pay attention to how long the device holds a charge .
  3. When purchasing a device, you need to pay attention to the build quality , as well as the material of the case. If it is made of low-quality plastic, then there is a high probability that after a couple of days of intensive use, the device will fail.
  4. Sutfinder functionality .
  5. The presence of a sound signal greatly simplifies the work on setting up a satellite dish. Then you don’t have to constantly look at the LCD of the device;
  6. Pay attention to screen size and brightness . The parameters should be convenient for work, because it is not always necessary to work with good illumination and favorable weather conditions.

Ideal device for tuning satellite antennas Satlink WS-6916:

How to set up a satellite dish using a satellite finder

To use the device, it must be connected to a receiver and an antenna with an active
converter . He will determine which satellite the device is designed for, and will also calculate the longitude.
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureAdjusting the satellite dish with the satellite finder [/ caption] A short algorithm on how to adjust satellite TV using the device:

  1. Connect the cable from the converter through the tuning cable to the satellite finder.
  2. Connect the satellite finder to the receiver.
  3. Direct the dish towards the desired satellite.
  4. Select a working transponder in the STB menu.
  5. Install the satellite dish in such a position that the signal scale on the device reaches its maximum position.
  6. To check the result, you need to scan the transponder with the receiver.
  7. Tighten the antenna fasteners.
  8. Remove the adjusting device from the chain.

Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configure

Note that the higher the tuning accuracy, the higher the audio signal level. Additional values ​​may appear on the screen of the unit depending on the model you purchased.

At the end of the work, the exact location of the satellite will be determined, as well as what the maximum signal level is possible with the exact location of the antenna. A device for measuring the signal level and tuning satellite antennas Tricolor – video instructions for using the Satellite Finder:

How to make a device with your own hands from improvised means

It is difficult, but possible, to assemble a device for tuning a satellite dish on your own. Before doing this, it is imperative to study the configuration of the device.

Note! For self-assembly, it is recommended to choose simpler models. It is also important to remember to check the device before use.

We recommend choosing a device with a built-in display for assembly. It is not so difficult to collect and find components for it. In addition, it has an increased level of accuracy when tuning a satellite dish. DIY
Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureantenna tuning device [/ caption] To assemble the satellite antenna tuning device you will need:

  • 12 volt battery;
  • tuner with adapter;
  • display for a rear-entry camera of a car measuring 4×3 inches;
  • cable for video signal.

The assembly process consists in attaching the components to each other using the wires that come with the kit. This option is considered the most affordable for assembly, but not the most convenient. Please note that the equipment needs electricity to work, so more than one meter of electrical wire may be required. This is inconvenient, especially if you need to tune several satellite dishes a day. Another nuance: if a satellite dish is installed on the roof, then it will be problematic for a person to fix a TV there. A device for tuning satellite dishes with your own hands – SAT FINDER from the tuner phone and wi fi: Despite the presence of disadvantages, this method remains the most popular for home use, because you can assemble the device from scrap materials, and the tuning result is checked on site.

Answers to common questions

Let’s turn to the most popular questions that are asked by inexperienced users who have never yet encountered setting up a satellite dish.

Can the satellite finder be replaced? If so, with what?There are various alternatives, such as a compass or a telephone, but they all have low satellite signal accuracy. That is why it is recommended to use only a satellite finder for installation.
Will a cheap satellite finder accurately determine if a satellite dish is installed correctly?Yes, the owner can set up the equipment with a cheap satellite finder, but it will take longer if he buys a more expensive model of the device.
Is it possible to set up a satellite dish without a satellite finder.Yes, but this can only be done by professional installers who accurately determine the azimuth and position of the satellite in relation to the antenna .

Devices for tuning a satellite dish: how to choose and configureRegardless of what kind of device and whether it will be made by hand, with it the owner of the satellite dish can be sure that self-tuning will be successful.

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