Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators

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There are a huge number of satellites, and even more – operators who offer to purchase access to satellite channels at different prices. How to figure it all out if the range is so wide? To simplify the choice of an operator with satellite channels, we will analyze the most popular and popular options. And also consider what satellite TV is, its advantages and disadvantages, in order to be aware of this topic.
Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators

What is satellite TV

Despite the fact that new technologies and the Internet are gaining popularity, satellite TV remains popular until now. Its work is based on the transmission of a signal from a satellite to an antenna. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows:

  1. An antenna, or dish (as it is commonly called), receives a signal sent by a satellite from space.Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators
  2. The antenna then accumulates the digital signal and amplifies it to reach maximum power.
  3. With the help of a converter , the received signal is converted into shows, series and films that are familiar to us.

Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operatorsThe satellite contains pre-installed software that updates the list of available channels.

Advantages and disadvantages of satellite TV

When choosing a broadcasting method, you should focus on a number of pros and cons that this or that option provides. Benefits of satellite TV to consider:

  • a wide range of free federal channels;
  • high signal quality, no failures;
  • relatively low cost of connection and subscription.
  • the channel information also contains the program guide, which is very convenient for most users.

Due to these advantages, despite the old-fashionedness of satellite TV, it remains popular today. But this does not exclude the presence of minuses in the equipment. The main one is the dependence on weather conditions. If it is snowing or raining outside, the signal quality may deteriorate significantly. In a storm or thunderstorm, you may even be left without your favorite TV channels. Another significant barrier that calls into question satellite TV is the dependence of the reproduced content on the directivity of the antenna. The plate should strictly face south. That is why masters are most often invited to install and configure it.

Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators
satellites have free channels

Important! This is due to the fact that the satellite is most often located near the equator. If the antenna is placed incorrectly, the quality and signal of the image transmission will deteriorate significantly.

In the event of an obstacle between the dish and the satellite, the connection may deteriorate significantly. For example, when there is an obstacle in the form of a tree or a rebuilt new building. To prevent this from happening, invite specialists who will select the most suitable place for the equipment.

Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators
Transponders for satellites Astra, Amos, Hot Bird

Channels, transponders freely available from popular satellite TV operators for 2022

Access to satellite television is provided by satellite operators. They work with a set of specific equipment that is issued to the buyer after purchasing a subscription. The user is provided with a package of TV channels. Additionally, he can purchase and connect thematic packages that are not included in the basic subscription price.

Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators
Types of satellite dishes from operators
There are a number of official operators that provide access to satellite TV channels at a low cost. And it can be difficult to make a choice between popular companies. For example, MTS or Tricolor? What will be more profitable? Consider the list of available tariffs offered by operators.


One of the most popular satellite television operators is
MTS . The company has recently entered the satellite television market, but has already won the love of many users due to nice bonuses.
Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operatorsThe company often holds promotions and gives discounts to its customers. In 2022, everyone can purchase 4 package options to choose from. Let’s consider them in more detail:

Tariff nameList of available channelsAdditional functionsHardware and subscription costs
Lots of moviesThe “Standard” package includes more than 251 channels, both Russian-speaking and not. List of the most popular among them: · Channel One; · Fifth channel; · Culture; STS; · Home; · TV center; OTR; · Home Cinema; TV1000.Online cinema KION, an additional package of TV channels “Cinema Setup”.At a price of 4990 rubles. the user purchases a complete installation kit for satellite TV connection. From the second month you will have to pay 250 rubles. monthly.
All MTS ExtraThe user is provided with over 238 channels. Among them there are both educational TV channels and entertaining ones with shows and serials.Internet to a mobile phone up to 20 Mbps, KION online cinemaThe cost of equipment is 3990 rubles. The first four months the subscription fee will be 490 rubles, then – 690 rubles per month.
Profitable exchange238 channels at the “Standard” tariffFor 3500 rubles. the client receives a prefix without an antenna.
Everything is simple and profitable!238 channels at the tariff “Standard”First year with 50% discountThe equipment and its installation will cost 4990 rubles. by share. The first year subscription will cost only 1000 rubles. per year, from the next – 2000 rubles. annually.


NTV-PLUS operates on a slightly different customer service system than MTS. For 2800-3000 rubles. the user purchases an antenna installation kit. You can fix and configure the equipment both independently and with the help of a wizard.
Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operators

Note! It will be cheaper to buy equipment from another person who, for whatever reason, decided to abandon satellite television.

To connect the subscription, you will need to call the wizard. He will draw up a contract and advise in the selection. To date, NTV-PLUS initially offers all users the basic package “Basic Online”. It costs 199 rubles per month and includes a list of 155 channels. The most popular of them are:

  • FOX;
  • First channel;
  • Russia 1;
  • TVC;
  • REN TV;
  • Match TV;
  • TNT;
  • Friday;
  • Disney Channel;
  • Home;
  • National Geographic. If you wish, you can then disable the basic package and switch to the most affordable option – the Economy package. The fee for it is only 750 rubles. annually, and 71 channels become available to the user. The most popular of them are: Home, Friday, SPAS, etc. And now let’s look at additional packages of TV channels that are not in the main subscription, but which the user can connect if he wishes for an additional fee:

Package nameTV channelsPrice, rub/month
Amedia Premium HDAmedia Premium, Amedia Hit, Amedia premium HD providing new designs from all over the world.199
Cinema plusAbout 20 channels for watching any foreign and Russian movies, series: Comedy, NTV Series, Zee TV, Russian Illusion, etc.279
Sport Plus9 channels from MATCH!, as well as TV channels Breakaway Point and Extreme Sports.399
MusicalThe selection of music channels includes 7 positions. The choice of users a wide range of music: from jazz to modern melodies.149
NightThe set includes 7 channels with erotic films and explicit shows.169
EntertainingThe package includes 8 channels: “ZHARA”, “Telecafe”, “Sarafan”, “E TV”, “LET’S GO!”, “Dialogues about fishing”, “Dance!”, “SHOT TV”.139
Children’sChannels for children and teenagers with children’s modern and Soviet cartoons.249
Informative7 channels for an affordable price about nature, achievements of science, history.249

The packages provided by the operator can be supplemented and updated. What channels can be watched for free from a satellite in the summer of 2022, we scan satellite frequencies:


Tricolor offers favorable rates for its users at the most affordable prices on the market. It is advisable to make the entire payment for the year at once, because it turns out cheaper. All you need to do before this is to buy an antenna and a prefix. The equipment will cost in the region of 2400-2800 rubles.
Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operatorsTable of presented tariffs, which are popular with Russian TV viewers:

Tariff nameChannelsPrice
single ultraProvides 229 full HD channels and 46 radio stations to listen to. The set includes all federal, regional media, as well as entertainment, playgrounds.2500 rub. in year
Children’s17 channels collected from all over the world for children, as well as a huge online library of cartoons.1500 rub. in year.
Night8 channels with age limit +18.1800 rub. in year.
Premier match2 channels for fans of Russian football.299 rub. per month

A satellite TV user from the Tricolor company can connect either one or several packages in order to provide himself with a wide range of content for the whole year.


Digital satellite television “Telekarta” appeared on the market relatively recently. The company does its best to attract customers, therefore, in addition to the main package of channels, it provides users with a wide range of functions.
Satellite TV: a list of satellite channels in the public domain from popular operatorsConsider the available rates in the table:

Tariff nameNumber of channelsAdditional featuresPrice
Premier289 channelsPriority equipment service in the service center, thematic packages, selectionsThe user pays 3,600 rubles per year, and when paying immediately for 2 years – 5,500 rubles.
Leader220 channels13 radio channels, exclusive TV shows.2500 rub. in year.
Master145 channels1700 rub. in year.
Pioneer75 channelsThe service package is provided only to new users for a year. Then you will have to switch to the above tariffs.90 rub. per month.

Which satellite TV operator to choose?

If you still have not decided which operator to choose, then look again at the list of tariffs and available TV channels, as well as the benefits that are offered.

Note! Some of the operators, when concluding a profitable contract, are ready to additionally offer free after-sales service in cases where the equipment fails.

If you wish, you can change the operator by entering into a new contract. From you will not require any money from above. Users cooperating with official satellite TV operators get a wide variety of TV channels to watch. And today, technology can reduce the impact of weather conditions on sound and picture quality. Therefore, the acquisition of an antenna is not such a disadvantageous, risky option. For little money, you get the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows.

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