What is satellite transponder, current frequency table

The system / structure installed on the satellite that guarantees the consolidation and
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tablerelaying of the satellite signal is called a transponder. The device sends a signal in response to the received one. Such a system makes it possible to broadcast a number of different multiplexes from any satellite and provide a wide range of services. There are two types of satellite transponders: regenerative transponders and bent pipe.

Commonly, everyone is used to calling a transponder frequencies that are broadcast from a satellite, although, in fact, this is a device broadcasting at this specific frequency.

Curved pipe transponders

This kind of transponder takes over the microwave spectrum signal. It reorganizes the frequency of the input signal into an RF frequency and then increases it. Such a device is suitable for relaying analog as well as digital signals.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableThe satellite signal is transmitted through several transponders [/ caption]

Regenerative transponders

Such devices also perform all the functions of a bent pipe transponder, but in this case there is a frequency conversion and signal power boost. In addition to these 2 functions, the recovery transponder performs demodulation of the frequency spectrum as well as signal recovery and modulation. The transponder has 2 functions. They receive and retransmit the signal, while modern systems clean it as much as possible from unnecessary noise.

Principle of operation

Satellite transponder – a set of components installed on a satellite, which is designed to automatically receive and transmit a signal at a certain frequency. It resembles a satellite component equipped with antennas.

Any satellite is equipped with a number of satellites broadcasting in a particular frequency spectrum. As a result of the introduction of this broadcasting technology, the number of satellite channels on one satellite has grown by an order of magnitude, from one orbital position it is possible to broadcast about a thousand channels. The principle of operation of a satellite transponder is the following – a satellite TV signal, which is concentrated on the antenna of the transponder, and due to its dish-shaped shape is reproduced as from a mirror to a specific target – the user’s receiving dish, broadcasting the signal to the receiver, which converts it into readable by the TV. The main components of the transponder are:

  • antenna for receiving a signal – the main device for receiving a relayed signal;
  • power amplifier – amplifies the power of the received signal to a sufficient level;
  • duplexer (frequency-separating filter)  – a device designed to organize duplex radio communication using one common antenna for both receiving and transmitting a signal;
  • control processor – selection and change of signal frequency.

What is satellite transponder, current frequency table

Transponders to satellite channels for free watching satellite TV in 2021

There are satellite TV channels that you can watch for free, there are channels that are closed with a static BISS key. Channels in BISS encryption are freely opened using the receiver’s internal emulator. In either case, you need to have an up-to-date table of frequencies and transponders at hand for setting up satellite television. Below is the current table of transponders, a variant of encoding, frequencies, a closed or free transponder is indicated. List of satellite channels and transponders for 2021 for the satellite Eutelsat 36B, 36.0E:

Eutelsat 36B, 36.0E
FrequencySpeed ​​/ SRChannel nameBISS / IDStandard
11212 H14400, 3/52 TV (Georgia)DVB-S2
11212 H14400, 3/51 TV HD (Georgia) **DVB-S2
11212 H14400, 3/5Rustavi 2DVB-S2
11212 H14400, 3/5ComediDVB-S2
11212 H14400, 3/5Marao TVDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5Palitra NewsDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5POS TVDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5MaestroDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5Imedi TV HDDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5GDS TVDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5ComedyDVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5Rustavi 2DVB-S2
11230 H15000, 3/5Marao TVDVB-S2
11766 L30,000, 5/6Info channel Tricolor HDDVB-S2
11785 R27500, 3/4Shop & ShowDVB-S2
11843 L27500, 3/4TV Search TricolorDVB-S2
11977 R27500, 3/48 channelDVB-S2
11977 R27500, 3/4HSR24 (Home Shopping Russia)DVB-S2
12174 L4340, 3/4TNV Tatarstan
12226 L27500, 3/4Info channel Tricolor
12226 L27500, 3/4Telemaster Tricolor (Mpeg 4)
12226 L27500, 3/4Promo Tricolor (Mpeg 4)
12265 L27500, 3/4Shopping Live (Mpeg 4)
12303 L27500, 3/4UnionDVB-S2

Transponders to satellite channels for free viewing on satellites AMOS 4W, ASTRA 4.9E, HOTBIRD 13E for 2021: https://youtu.be/Z5NOvNAG_eg

Broadcast setup

Let’s say we have decided on a satellite. For example, this is Eutelsat 36B, 36.0E. It is necessary to tune the satellite dish and pick up the signal, determine the signal quality.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableThe signal quality is checked on the TV device [/ caption] How to install a satellite dish and set up satellite TV in detail on the
link . The first column is “Frequency” – we can take the required frequency from the table of transponders and frequencies. Initially, you need to understand what kind of spectrum a given frequency is included in. We drive in the necessary one with the remote control.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableThe type of polarization (letter next to it) is placed in the same column. Vertical or horizontal (“H”, “V”). All modern receivers support almost all types of polarization. The second column is “Speed ​​/ SR”. This column contains the data – SR (Symbol Rate) and FEC (Error Correction).
SR – This value is equal to what symbol rate your receiver supports. But modern satellite receivers support all types of this parameter, and therefore this parameter can be skipped.
FEC– when using modern satellite set-top boxes, this parameter can also be skipped. The third column “Channel name” is the name of the satellite channel, the signal of which is broadcast from a specific transponder. For example, the name of a TV, radio channel, or the name of an Internet service. The fourth column is “BISS / ID”. The type of encoding and its presence / absence indicates this field.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableIn other words, if there is some kind of encoding in the transponder, it means that this service is paid. To set up satellite equipment in modern realities, you need to know three values ​​- frequency, type of polarization, type of encoding. Where can I find the current frequencies and transponders for satellite channels? Modern ones at the moment (mid-2021) are higher and lower in the text, but if the latest are needed, then there are two options. From printed publications of the desired topic, or on the Internet. If the first option is more suitable, for example, for villagers, then it is necessary to check so that the magazine is as late edition as possible, because satellite channels change frequencies and transponders from time to time. On the Internet, it is enough to drive in such a query “table of satellite transponders”.Table of transponders and frequencies of foreign and Russian satellite channels on Tricolor:
Download the table

Transponders for satellite TV from MTS

Frequencies and transponders of
satellite TV from MTS . Frequencies of MTS channels on the ABC-2 satellite:

Channel nameLEDAPIDVPIDFormatSound. Track
11740V Russia 53 DVD-S2 8PSK SR 45000 FEC 2/3
Home (+ 4h)160348994898MPEG-4Rus.
TV channel Zvezda (+ 4h)160449074906MPEG-4Rus.
Carousel (+ 3h)160549154914MPEG-4Rus.
Carousel (+ 7h)160649234922MPEG-4Rus.
HTB (+ 7h)160749314930MPEG-4Rus.
HTB (+ 2h)160849394938MPEG-4Rus.
HTB (+ 4h)160949474946MPEG-4Rus.
Channel One (+ 4h)161049554954MPEG-4Rus.
First channel (+ 6h)161149634962MPEG-4Rus.
First channel (+ 2h)161249714970MPEG-4Rus.
5 Kanal (+ 7h)161449874986MPEG-4Rus.
5 Kanal (+ 4h)161549954994MPEG-4Rus.
Friday! (+ 4h)161650035002MPEG-4Rus.
REN TV (+ 4h)161750115010MPEG-4Rus.
REN TV (+ 7h)161850195018MPEG-4Rus.
Russia 1 (+ 4h)161950275026MPEG-4Rus.
Russia 1 (+ 6h)162050355034MPEG-4Rus.
Russia 1 (+ 2h)162150435042MPEG-4Rus.
STS (+ 2h)162250515050MPEG-4Rus.
STS (+ 4h)162350595058MPEG-4Rus.
STS (+ 7h)162450675066MPEG-4Rus.
TV 3 (+ 3h)162550755074MPEG-4Rus.
TV Center (+ 4h)162650835082MPEG-4Rus.
TV Center (+ 7h)162750915090MPEG-4Rus.
TNT (+ 4h)162850995098MPEG-4Rus.
TNT (+ 7h)162951075106MPEG-4Rus.
TNT (+ 2h)163151235122MPEG-4Rus.
Russia K (+ 2h)163251315130MPEG-4Rus.
Russia C (+ 4h)163351395138MPEG-4Rus.
Russia C (+ 7h)163451475.46MPEG-4Rus.
5 Kanal (+ 2h)163551555154MPEG-4Rus.
TV Center (+ 2h)163651635162MPEG-4Rus.
REN TV (+ 2h)163751715170MPEG-4Rus.
Home (+ 2h)163851795178MPEG-4Rus.
Home (+ 7h)163951875186MPEG-4Rus.
TV 3 (+ 2h)164051955194MPEG-4Rus.
TV 3 (+ 7h)164152035202MPEG-4Rus.
TV channel Zvezda (+ 2h)164252115210MPEG-4Rus.
TV channel Zvezda (+ 7h)164352195218MPEG-4Rus.
Peace (+ 2h)164452275226MPEG-4Rus.
Peace (+ 4h)164552355234MPEG-4Rus.
Peace (+ 7h)164652435242MPEG-4Rus.
Friday! (+ 2h)164752515250MPEG-4Rus.
Friday! (+ 7h)164852595258MPEG-4Rus.
11800 V Russia 53 DVB-S2 8PSK SR 45000 FEC 2/3
FTVHEVS / UHD129124022403English.
Russian extremeHEVS / UHD12922410  2411 Rus, 2412 Rus AC 3Rus.
Eurosport 1HEVS / UHD129324182419 Rus 2420 EngRus. / Eng.

Tuning of TV channels on MTS TV can be carried out in automatic mode, or, if desired, the subscriber can do it in manual mode. In the latter case, you will have to drive in the frequencies yourself.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableSatellite signal coverage from MTS TV [/ caption] Brief annotation on setting up satellite TV from MTS:

  • Fix the supplied antenna on the wall of the building so that the heads are at the required angle to the transponder.
  • Position the clamp so that the plate is at a 30 ° angle to the horizon.
  • The tilt azimuth of the “antenna” must be set to the vertical by 1 °.
  • Place the plate at a 137 ° angle.
  • Turn on the TV and check the signal quality.
  • If the required quality is not available, it is necessary to turn the antenna 1 degree and check the signal quality at every step.
  • If you have received a set of “TV from MTS”, then the TV channels must be tuned in automatically.
  • If you need to tune the TV yourself, use the transponder data suggested above.

Detailed instructions on how to set up a satellite dish from MTS.

Initial setup

Before you purchase a set of satellite TV from MTS, you should. Check the possibility of equipment installation. For this purpose, it is possible to use a free phone program that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Market (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esys.satfinder&hl=ru&gl=US). An application called “SatFinder”, after you install it on your phone, you can identify the satellites available in the region.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableThe application allows you to find out the clear location of the satellites, it also shows you how to correctly position the antenna.
What is satellite transponder, current frequency tableA set of MTS equipment for connecting and launching the broadcast of satellite channels [/ caption] After the installation is done, you need to check that nothing interferes with the reception of the signal. Trees, buildings and other obstructions will distort the signal greatly. To install satellite equipment, you need the following:

  1. Module or attachment.
  2. SIM card if needed.
  3. Plate.
  4. Mounts for the plate.
  5. Cable .
  6. Converter.
  7. Dysek.
  8. Mount tool.
  9. Plug for connecting the cable to the TV.
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