Satellite TV in Germany – the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023

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Satellite TV in Germany – how to choose, connect, providers and tariffs for 2022-2023. In Europe, including Germany, most TV shows follow the British model of the BBC, with a mix of public pay broadcasters and private commercial TV networks. Every German resident with a TV connection is required to pay a monthly “broadcast fee” that funds the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. But how to connect satellite TV?

Features of satellite TV in Germany

Satellite TV appeared in Germany relatively recently compared to cable. To use it, you must first install an antenna that receives a satellite signal. This can only be done after obtaining permission from the owner of the building. Usually the antenna is attached to the roof, but this service is more expensive.

Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023
German satellite providers
Some buildings have a satellite dish with one dish serving all the apartments in the block, and the tenants share the common costs. Satellite is more expensive than a cable installation, but offers a wider choice and higher quality of broadcast programming. In Germany, the most popular satellite for satellite reception is Astra 2 which carries English language channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

Note! To watch terrestrial, cable or satellite TV in Germany you need a flat screen TV with a digital (DVB) tuner or converter. DVB is a standard used throughout Europe and is not compatible with ATSC TV.

Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023

Choosing a provider for watching German satellite channels

Registering with a German cable TV provider is one of the easiest tasks. The only thing to do is to compare the prices of satellite TV available in the respective region, so as not to pay too much for German cable TV. Some cable providers only operate in certain areas, such as Primacom or Kabel BW. If a person lives outside their business zone, he will not be able to register in them. Accordingly, it is better to check in advance the breadth of distribution of the provider’s services on the official website. Fortunately, major German satellite TV providers such as Kabel Deutschland are available throughout the country. The main providers in Germany are also the following companies:

  • Unitymedia – Cable B.W.
  • cable deutschland.

If you live in an apartment building, you should also ask the tenant about satellite TV. Many of them enter into private contracts with certain companies, so only their plate can be registered in the house.

Unitymedia – Cable BW

Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023Unitymedia and Kabel BW are great satellite TV choices. Unitymedia offers a large selection of different HD channels and hardware options. The provider is especially suitable for people who are fond of German football. The company has a Sky option package with which you can watch all the matches live and in HD. The company offers a range of services. Basic internet starts at 10 Mbps, while the top speed goes up to a fantastic 120 Mbps.

cable deutschland

Kabel Deutschland is currently probably the best German TV provider cgenybrjuj. Kabel Deutschland is available in most regions of Germany. This way a person will be able to choose between different offerings that can include all HD channels on a digital HD video receiver that allows you to record your favorite TV shows. Especially for residents of Germany, Kabel Deutschland offers a large selection of international TV channels in English. But with Kabel Deutschland you can watch TV channels from Turkey, Spain, France, Russia or Portugal. If the client also wants to get fast internet, an extended package with several options is available to him.,
Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023


It is one of the largest digital satellite providers in Germany and offers a range of software packages or subscriptions to individual channels. Requires a digital receiver that can be purchased or rented from Premiere. Existing receivers can be used as long as they are compatible with the TV. How much does free TV really cost in Germany, tax on satellite dishes:

How to install satellite TV?

Suitable satellite dishes are available from many major home appliance stores in Germany. To receive a signal from the Astra satellite, you will need a dish with a diameter of 45 cm to 90 cm. A small one gives most popular channels, but there may be problems connecting international ones. For BBC and ITV, it is recommended to buy a 90 cm dish. The best option is probably to buy a complete Sat-Anlage satellite installation. The service includes includes a dish, LNB, decoder box and brackets for fixing the dish to the wall. Complete kits are available at Wal-Mart or Mediamarkt. Installation includes the following steps:

  • Installing the plate in the desired position, preferably on the roof of the building.
  • Set the broadcast frequency depending on the region.
  • Select a provider if needed.
  • Call the installation wizard if necessary.
  • Connecting a digital provider.

The exact alignment of the satellite depends on the location. For residents of Munich wishing to receive an Astra signal, the dish should indicate exactly 19.2′ East or 28’2, for Astra2 the tilt is about 159Âo in Munich and with a height of 32′ above the horizon.
Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023

Note! When renting an apartment in Germany, many people sign a contract that prohibits the installation of a satellite dish on a wall or balcony. However, these contracts may be illegal. All foreigners in Germany have the right to receive television in their own language.

Achieving fine tuning can be a tricky process, and definitely requires a compass, or special instrument. There are markings on the wall brackets to help you get the correct angles. You can also use the Signal Strength Detector to fine tune. These are small electronic devices that are sold in Germany for about $30. To find the correct angle for a specific geographic location, you can use the official website. It is almost impossible to find a signal on your own, for this you will have to use special tools. However, you can use the services of private companies.

Connecting to a TV

  To install TV channels directly on your TV, follow these steps: Press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control and select “Satellite installation”, then “Search for channels” > “Start now” > “From sorted package” and press “OK” . The words may differ depending on the TV model. You can also change the language in the settings. If the TV has already installed channels before, you need to reinstall. It may also be required if the TV cannot automatically find a TV broadcast. However, the TV will ask for the connection type. It differs for each company, but is always indicated in the instructions. Depending on the selected connection type, the TV will display a list of user bands: UB0, UB1, UB2, UB3, UB4, UB5, UB6, UB7. The user needs to select the appropriate numbering depending on the provider. This information will also be indicated in the instructions. After installing all the channels, you can exit the settings. If you have difficulty connecting a satellite, you can contact the provider company for help. However, many of them provide separate connection services, which will help save time.
Satellite TV in Germany - the best providers and channels, frequencies and satellites 2022/2023How satellite signal transmission works[/ caption]

Free German channels

Many channels from the Astra satellite are free to watch. To access paid channels, you additionally need a Sky and Digibox subscription. Digibox is a piece of hardware created by Sky that reads the subscription card and decodes the channels the user has subscribed to. Sky subscriptions are generally only available to residents of the United Kingdom and therefore can only be connected through a third party provider. After connecting the dish to the TV through a specialist, the user will immediately have access to some TV channels. They are operated by the following city companies:

  1. ARD – Offers a mix of national and regional programs including the popular Das Erste available on ARD Dritte.
  2. ZDF is another public broadcaster and operates Germany’s most popular TV channel, ZDF, along with ZDFneo, which is part of a younger demographic.
  3. RTL , Germany’s largest commercial broadcaster, has a range of free-to-air programming including RTL and Vox, two of the country’s most popular channels.
  4. Media is another German commercial broadcaster with channels such as ProSieben, Sat 1 and Kabel Eins.

These days, some of the most popular movies and series can only be found on streaming services. Luckily for expats moving to Germany, the most popular streaming platforms are available across the country. They can be connected in any region, regardless of location. In order to use the services of paid services, you must register on their website and clearly follow the instructions. However, many TVs are equipped with the “Smart” function. They are automatically loaded with several popular platforms that open access to any program. Paid services mostly operate on a subscription basis.

Pay satellite TV channels in Germany

In addition to these free channels, there are also a number of pay TV channels in Germany. They are available through cable and satellite TV as part of TV subscription packages. The vast majority of these channels are operated by just a few companies, namely:

  1. DAZN  – This online sports service operates in 200 countries and offers on-demand and live subscription content.
  2. Sky – Sky Deutschland offers a variety of channels including English language channels covering international dramas, the latest Hollywood releases and the biggest sports competitions.
  3. RTL  – Commercial broadcaster pay TV channels include RTL Crime and RTL Passion.
  4. Disney is an American broadcast giant offering children’s channels on German pay TV including Disney Cinemagic and Disney Junior.
  5. MTV – This popular American network has a number of channels targeted at the youth market, including MTV Germany.

Watch IPTV channelsIf the user is interested in receiving pay TV channels in Germany, research should be done in advance to select the correct/required channels. However, many residents have enough standard channels to watch programs.

TV tax

The TV tax is the source of much debate in Germany. Since 2013, every household in Germany has been required to pay a license fee, whether they watch TV or not. Faced with a funding gap of more than 1.5 billion euros, public broadcasters in Germany asked last year for an 86-cent increase in license fees. On average, residents of Germany pay 18 euros per month. Thus, even with temporary residence, a foreigner will also need to pay tax.

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