Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?

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Despite the development of modern technologies, not every city or village can achieve a stable connection and acceptable indicators of Internet speed for watching television. One of the options is
satellite TV and the Internet, which can be carried out in a remote from civilization to a private house or country cottage, and which of the options on the market to choose for use should be determined on the spot. The existing proposals of satellite operators can also be used in the country or in the conditions of long scientific expeditions.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?To choose a satellite TV for home and summer cottages, you need to take into account the signal coverage from satellite TV operators [/ caption]

What to look for when choosing satellite TV in a private house or country cottage

In order to understand which satellite TV is better to choose, you need to know which aspects to pay attention to. This is due to the fact that the coverage of the satellite signal and the complete set of the necessary equipment may differ for each manufacturer. A variety of kits are on sale:

  1. Complete – the kit includes an antenna , receiver / special module, converter , connection cable and a package of documents. Some manufacturers offer the purchase of a card with which you can pay for additional channels that are not included in the basic set. Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?MTS installation equipment set [/ caption]
  2. Incomplete – it will not include an antenna, antenna cable or converter. These components will need to be purchased separately. Only the service itself is provided.
  3. Extended – in this case, one more receiver is added to the full set. It can be connected, for example, to a second TV.

A satellite dish (dish) can be round or square in shape. A converter is required to ensure stable TV signal reception. The receiver (module) provides image output to a monitor or TV screen. High-quality satellite TV for a summer residence or a country house, as well as high-speed Internet via wireless technology, can be provided using a wider antenna radius if the signal receiving point is far from the satellite paths. It must be installed in a place that, based on the test results, will show the most stable and stable signal.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?That is why you should pay attention during the selection to whether the company provides services for the departure of a specialist who makes all the necessary adjustments and checks.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Telekart coverage area of ​​the satellite operator, according to the official website – it can be seen that more powerful antennas cover the territory more than those that are smaller in diameter [/ caption] More one point to pay attention to is how satellite television works, and also how it differs from the usual cable and terrestrial ones. Main parameters:

  1. The satellite dish is installed at any distance from the TV tower.
  2. Signal reception will be better than terrestrial or cable.
  3. It does not require a lot of wires to connect to the TV.
  4. The signal is transmitted directly from the satellite (it is capable of providing high-quality broadcasting over long distances).

Each satellite has its own coverage area. This makes the television signal available over large areas – 200-300 square kilometers is the coverage area of ​​such a device.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?NTV plus coverage map [/ caption] If you install satellite TV at the dacha, you can get a number of advantages:

  • The selection of channels increases.
  • The picture becomes clearer and more colorful.
  • The resolution goes up to Full HD.

Payments for using TV are lower than for
cable . In most cases, operators provide the ability to tune not only to those channels that broadcast in the country, but also to foreign ones. In the case of cable television, you can use those included in the list, since the list of channels is tied to the address at which the telecom operator operates. In 90% of cases, satellite TV and the Internet in a private house are carried out within one day at the same time, but setting up and connecting can take up to 2-3 days. It is also recommended to pay attention to this point when choosing an option for installation in a residential area.

What equipment is needed to conduct satellite TV to a country house or a private house

In order to understand which satellite TV to choose for subsequent installation, you need to know what is included in the package. A minimum set consisting of a plate with a standard mount, an antenna cable with the necessary connectors and a module will allow you to bring TV to a dacha or to a private country house. If your TV does not have a built-in tuner, you will need to purchase it separately or select a different set of equipment. Such a set will help to conduct satellite TV and use the Internet, if such an option is provided by the operator.
Satellite Internet and TV are provided by MTS… If satellite TV and the Internet are required for more than one computer or TV, then an additional set of receivers will be required. In this case, the converter must have at least 2 inputs. This is necessary in order to uniformly adjust the signal delivery to several devices at the same time. Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?If there are several TVs in a private house, then the connection diagram can be as follows
receiver on the reception quality. If we consider modern kits, then in most cases they use parabolic offset antennas.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Installing and adjusting an offset antenna [/ caption] They help to achieve stable reception even when the dish size is not too large. The material for the manufacture is steel or aluminum. In the first case, the cost will be lower, in the second, the user receives a lightweight structure that is not subject to corrosion. It is recommended to install aluminum versions on frame buildings. You can also purchase special perforated plates. They have a reduced windage rating. They need to be installed in areas with strong winds or in houses that are located in the coastal zone of large bodies of water.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Connection diagram [/ caption]

It is not recommended to buy a kit that includes a plastic satellite dish – it will not last long and will not be able to provide high-quality signal reception.

The main characteristic of a satellite dish is the ability to amplify the incoming signal. This indicator is influenced by the diameter. It is recommended to give preference to large devices, as they guarantee the quality of the signal even in heavy rain or snow.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Satellite signal coverage from Tricolor TV [/ caption] The receiver is the first to receive the signal reflected from the dish surface. It then transmits it directly to the antenna cable. When choosing a converter, you need to pay attention to the frequency range indicators. Polarization also needs to be taken into account. Examples of satellites and converters to them:

  • Tricolor – KU converter for the range of 10.7 – 12.75 GHz Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Satellite head from Tricolor [/ caption]
  • NTV-Plus is a KU converter for the 10.7 – 12.75 GHz band with circular polarization.
  • MTS – KU converter with linear.

Thinking about which TV to choose, you need to take into account one more characteristic – the noise figure NF The optimal value will be 0.1 dB. It is indicated on the body of the device or on the packaging. The functions of the receiver are reception and decoding of the incoming signal. The image is then displayed directly on the television screen. Modern receivers have high processor performance. The processor is installed on 2-4 cores. RAM – 2-4 GB, and built-in memory for storing software and various files – 16 GB. The rest of the characteristics and parameters are not important and do not have a pronounced effect on the quality of the received signal or the image displayed on the TV screen. Additional options: display on the front panel, outputs for connecting devices or a headset.What satellite TV plus the Internet is better to choose for home and how to connect – video instruction and review: https://youtu.be/tLiZjXocsok

Which provider to choose in the Russian Federation for a private house or summer cottage

If the question arises, which satellite TV is better to choose for home, then experts recommend paying attention to the following operators:

  1. NTV + – works in 55 cities of the country. Offers a choice of 240 channels. A choice of several options of equipment sets is provided (HD without an antenna – from 5000 rubles, with an antenna – about 6000 rubles). The service is provided for the installation of equipment (about 3000 rubles). There are different channel packages – basic (about 170 channels). Packages are also presented: for children, cognitive, musical, sports, cinema. The number of channels can vary.Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?
  2. Tricolor TV – the service area covers more than 40 million people in the country. The basis of work is high-definition television. You can purchase complete sets (from 8990 rubles), individual components (plates, receivers, converters). Channel packages: Single (1500 rubles / year). Includes 238 channels. A single ultra – 246 channels, provides the ability to watch TV programs on 2 TVs at the same time (2500 rubles / year). You can also use the online cinema service and watch channels over the Internet. Additionally, there are children’s, entertainment, news and sports packages. Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Kit for connecting satellite TV [/ caption]
  3. Telecard – the coverage area of ​​the entire Russian Federation. A set of satellite equipment from 7,000 rubles. Individual components can be purchased if desired. Packages: pioneer (80 channels – 90 rubles / month), master (145 channels – 169 rubles / month), leader (225 channels – 269 rubles / month), premier (250 channels – 399 rubles / month).Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?

If you need satellite TV and the Internet at the same time, then it is best to choose Tricolor TV. Before purchasing satellite TV kits, it is recommended to read user reviews. The forums will answer questions such as how to choose high-quality satellite TV, depending on the location of the subscriber. Also, there you can find out which satellite to choose for free channels in Russia, if it is not possible to pay for additional packages. Satellite TV in the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg for a country dacha and a private house – what to choose as of 2021: https://youtu.be/nrBPiarjGLQ

Tips for future subscribers

Before buying, you need to read the information about all the major providers operating in the region. You should not rely solely on the cost of paying for the use of a package or kit. An important factor is the stability of the signal reception. This information is presented in regional forums, where users indicate their own location. If the combination of the Internet and TV is required, then such packages are provided by mobile operators – MTS, Beeline, Megafon.
Which satellite TV is better to choose for a country house or summer cottage?Coverage of a satellite signal from MTS TV [/ caption] In the first case, you can also use a satellite by purchasing a set of equipment. The set of channels in packages should also not be the main reason for purchasing and installing equipment. The number of channels and topics can change over time, therefore equipment reliability and high quality of signal reception are important characteristics.

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