What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configuration

In order to be able to watch satellite channels, you need to organize their reception. For this, a receiver is used. It provides high-quality broadcasting of TV programs. This device can also be considered as a dedicated computer. In particular, the receiver uses an operating system. Linux is often used for this purpose.
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationEmulator interface Vikard 1.19 [/ caption] Vikard is an emulator that opens access to paid satellite channels through the use of
cardsharing… If the receiver has support for an emulator, it is available for free use. It must be properly configured before operation. When using Vikard, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. The emulator works with all the most popular protocols. Among them, we can mention newcamd, camd3, cs378x, cccam.
  2. The Vikard plugin can be used as a card sharing client.
  3. The emulator can be configured for any selected cardsharing server . You can register several of them. This will be useful in the event that access to the main is temporarily difficult. In such a situation, you can program the transition to the next server in the list, thereby ensuring trouble-free operation of receiving TV programs.
  4. Vikard is able to work correctly with SoftCAM key files.
  5. It supports emulation of various encodings.
  6. Another use is acceptable – as a home card-sharing server.

Vikard is capable of working with various types of card receivers. We can talk about both built-in and external readers that are connected via USB. This emulator allows you to view both paid channels and those for which there are keys. The ability to use this emulator is present in the following receiver models: Openbox S2-S4 HD PVR, GI S 8120, Golden Media 990 CR PVR SPARK, Openbox S6 Pro HD PVR, Openbox S6 HD PVR, and some others.

Where to download and how to download Wicardd

Vikard includes the following files:

  1. Conf, which is a configuration file. In fact, most of the customization is to fill it in correctly.
  2. The wicardd binary that powers the emulator. It lacks an extension. In different versions of Vikard, the exact name of the file may differ.
  3. If there are keys to compromised channels, they are located in SoftCam.key.

It should be borne in mind that the possibility of unofficial viewing of the programs of some satellite providers may not be available. To download, you need to take into account the version of the device:

  1. https://gomel-sat.bz/files/file/1470-wicardd-openbox-sxzip/ – here you can get Vikard for Skyway Light 2, Openbox SX series, Skyway Classic 4, Skyway Nano 3.
  2. https://gomel-sat.bz/files/file/1471-wicardd-openbox-sx9zip/ is suitable for those who use Openbox SX9.
  3. A version is available at https://gomel-sat.bz/files/file/1472-wicardd-openbox-sx9-combozip/ that can be used to install Vikard on Skyway Droid 2, Openbox SX9 Combo.

After downloading to your computer, the archive must be unpacked.

Installation and configuration

To view satellite channels using cardsharing, you need to properly install and configure the emulator. This can be done only on those receivers that run Linux and support the use of the Vikard emulator. To start configuring, you need the following equipment:

  1. The TV on which the programs will be watched.
  2. A receiver that provides a high-quality signal. Wicardd will be configured on it.
  3. You will need a computer with Internet access, on which the program will be downloaded and the emulator configuration file will be filled in. Instead, you can use a smartphone on which you will need to do the listed operations.

To ensure the installation of the emulator, you need to download it using the links provided above, then install it on the receiver as a plug-in. File transfer is carried out using the FTP protocol. To organize such a connection, you need to find out the IP address of the receiver. To do this, you need to go to its settings and view the information about the device.
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationOne of the most convenient ways to establish a FTP connection is to use the file manager Total Commander. To do this, open the “Network” section in the main menu and proceed to establishing a connection.
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationNext, you will need to enter the required parameters.
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationThe name of the connection is made up by the user. In the column “Server” write the IP-address of the receiver. The account name will not be used if the user has not previously installed it. If he did this, he will have to enter the appropriate information. You can copy it to the / var directory. After entering the necessary data, press the OK button. After the connection is established, the receiver’s operating system will be displayed on one of the panels, and the computer disk on the other. You need to open the previously downloaded and unpacked emulator distribution kit. From the plugin \ bin folder, files are copied to var / bin on the receiver. In the copied wicardd file, you need to change the attributes to 755. To do this, select the file, then go to “File” in the main menu, then – “Change attributes”. After that, in the form that appears, write 755 in the field located in the lower left corner,then confirm with OK. Then wicard.conf is copied from the plugin \ etc folder on the computer to var / etc on the receiver. So, as described above, set access rights 644. Next, you need to proceed to filling in the configuration file. Before starting the configuration, you must make sure that the following conditions are met:

  1. There is network access between the computer and the receiver. It will be required to transfer the emulator downloaded from the Internet to the device.
  2. A Vikard is installed on the receiver.
  3. This device is connected to a television receiver.
  4. The receiver has an internet connection.
  5. There is a satellite tuning for receiving TV content.

It is necessary to have a subscription or test access to the channels supplied by the card-sharing provider. After Vikard has been installed, you need to configure the configuration file. This requires the following steps:

  1. You need to get the settings from the provider. They should include the following: IP-address of the card-sharing server, port for connection, username and password for access.
  2. It is necessary to connect via the network from a computer or smartphone in order to obtain a copy of the existing configuration file. Depending on the operating system you are using, it can be located in one of the following directories: / var / etc /, / usr / keys /, or / var / keys /.
  3. The downloaded file must be opened in a text editor and the information present in it at this moment must be deleted.
  4. You need to add content to the file, which will ensure the reception of television programs.
  5. After that, the file is saved and copied over the network to the Wicardd emulator to its original location.
  6. Vikard was installed on the receiver as a plug-in. After changing the file, you need to disable it, then enable it again.

After that, you can start viewing the channel, which is carried out using cardsharing. An experienced user can easily compose a configuration file in accordance with the necessary requirements. Anyone who is just starting to use this method can use the following example.
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationSetting wicardd sharing [/ caption] When using this sample, instead of the inscriptions made with red text, you need to put your data:

  • SERVER ADDRESS is the IP-address of the card-sharing server or the name of the site;
  • PORT – port number used for connection;
  • LOGIN and PASSWORD – login data provided by the card-sharing provider;
  • NAME – the name of the cardsharing package, you can come up with it yourself.

The rest of the data should be written as in the sample. They set the necessary options for viewing. The [filter] section contains the following data:
What is Vikard, why do you need an emulator, its configurationThe text of the sample configuration file can be taken from the billing service by entering personal data for access. Some people take the version that was included in the downloaded Vikard archive as an initial sample. Step-by-step instructions for downloading and configuring Vikard: https://youtu.be/rc8UHjmUO8c

Errors and their solutions

The work of cardsharing is provided by receiving information from a specialized server. Sometimes a situation may arise when the quality of communication decreases or it becomes unavailable. In this case, you need to change the settings, indicating in them the server available for operation. Certain channels are not always available through
cardsharing services . This circumstance must be clarified in advance in order to be sure that the desired channel is available.

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