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LTV1 is one of the most popular channels in the state of Lithuania, which is an offshoot of LTV. The first live broadcast started in 1954 and is still continuously broadcast. LTV1 is the first nationwide channel in Latvia and the most watched in Riga. One of the most significant events is the Panorama program, which has been broadcast live since the appearance of the Lithuanian channel. On our website you can watch LTV1 online for free. It is noteworthy that the channel is available in HD quality (1080i). Each viewer, regardless of preferences, will be able to find something useful for themselves. LTV1 live broadcast online:
On-air broadcasting covers the entire territory of Latvia and is available even in secluded corners of the country. Broadcasting takes place at any operators in Latvia. LTV1 broadcasts exclusively in Latvian for about 18 hours or more per day on average. The program for today and the following days is quite diverse. In good quality, you can view world news, political debates and various social TV shows. For housewives, LTV1 regularly hosts entertaining talk shows, music programs and melodramas. Together with children or in the family circle, feature and animated films start in the evenings. Having turned on the channel once, it is impossible to break away from the influx of interesting and exciting programs.

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