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RTR Moldova is the most popular Moldovan TV channel, created on the basis of the RTR TV channel. TV broadcasts programs produced by VGTRK channel RTR-Planet. In recent years, the channel began to include programs of its own production, including Vesti-Moldova, Friday with Anatolie Golia, Azbuka Vkusa, Good Morning, Country, and many others. RTR-Moldova broadcasts on Moldovan cable and satellite television, including on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can watch the RTR Moldova HD online channel on our website in HD quality, no restrictions and fees for the service – on this page all TV channels are available in a free form:
On June 1, 2004, the retransmission of the Moldavian RTR started live. Previously, there was a Russian TV channel with Moldovan advertising. In 2014, the news program “Vesti-Moldova” was launched, and in 2016 – “Vesti Nedeli v Moldova”. In 2019, the channel changed its logo and became identical to the Russian-language RTR. The TV program today is varied: news programs, cooking shows, TV shows about races, music charts and feature films with official dubbing.

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