Channel Through the Eyes of a Tourist HD watch for free in good quality


You can watch online, while free of charge, the most hidden corners of the world, learn the traditions of other peoples through the eyes of real tourists and travelers on the channel “Through the Eyes of a Tourist”. This is a TV channel that offers a video sequence directly from the first person, directly through the eyes of the tourists themselves – live through the Eyes of a Tourist for free in good quality:
It is safe to call “Eyes of the Tourist” a channel of author’s travel films. Live broadcasting includes TV programs with amateur video filming, under the motto “Let’s create high-quality TV together.” In addition to amateur work, there are also professionally shot footage from experienced operators and newcomers in HD quality. TV viewers can enjoy fascinating, intriguing stories from around the world, unique wildlife shots – the Lycian Way. The recording provides material consisting of many parts, the “remains” of the Soviet era, such as the “Cemetery of Soviet military equipment” and much more. The program today includes a lot of video notes not only about foreign territories, but also about the bewitching corners of the vast Motherland. Daily live broadcast offers interesting and varied content about sports recreation,

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