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Kinohit is a Russian-made satellite TV channel belonging to the NTV-Plus network. It was created and began broadcasting live in 2005. One of the first to be delivered with high quality Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. And if you like to watch channels online, on our website you can launch “Kinohit” in HD quality and completely free of charge – live broadcast:
Already in 2005, also one of the first on NTV-Plus was launched round-the-clock broadcasting. In 2015, it became the property of the Red Media holding. The TV channel focuses on showing the most rated films, regardless of the genre and year of release. A feature is the fact that all films are foreign. Only the most famous actors and directors who had a hand. Like any hit TV channel, here films are shown around the clock and without advertising. Some of them are available with high sound quality Dolby Digital 5.1, while more recent sagas and epics are available in less worse. It is noteworthy that the movies are classified and broadcast not on the basis of critics’ ratings, but according to the preferences of the viewers themselves. The TV program for today, as on any day, is standard – only the highest-rated films from a foreign manufacturer. “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Rage”,

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