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One of the brightest TV channels without borders of humor is Comedy. Until 2019, the channel changed its vector and began to specialize in the supply of high-quality comedy films until 2019. It is one of the first TVs in the First HDTV holding with the highest definition. Turn on “Comedy HD” on our website and watch your favorite movies in HD quality – live streaming:
Live Comedy HD – modern foreign dramas, melodramas and comedies. The daily spins feature films are sourced from the BBC, HBO, Universal and Paramount Pictures brands. Content is 50% comedy, 25% drama, and 25% melodrama. There are many more American films than European ones. Every day, up to 4-5 films are broadcast on Comedy TV in the block of premieres, each of which deserves attention. The tapes are grouped into eight-hour blocks and are repeated from time to time. The channel has no advertising and broadcasts around the clock.

Please note that all films are not recommended for viewing by children under 16 years of age.

Ted 1-2, Rush Hour 1-3, Nutty Professor 1-2, Hello Dad, New Years 1-2, and more air daily without commercials.

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