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NTV is a Russian independent information channel operating around the clock since 1993. Every day on the air – news, analytical reviews, talk shows, investigations by journalists, educational programs, documentary projects and self-produced serials. For individual regions, with a difference in time zone from Moscow time, broadcasting takes place via satellite. NTV online at Chelyabinsk time can be assessed on our website, which provides free access to the mentioned media resource for free and does not require registration:
Online broadcast of NTV in the regions:
NTV Moscow and the region in HD .
NTV Yekaterinburg .
NTV Perm .
NTV Tyumen .
NTV Ufa . On the page of our site you can get acquainted with the current program of programs of NTV Chelyabinsk in real time and from all the presented content, choose the most interesting one for yourself. The latest news in the updated issues of the Segodnya program, heated discussions on politics and society in the talk show “Meeting Place”, chronicles of incidents in the “State of emergency”, “Housing issue”, as well as original recipes in the author’s culinary programs, and, of course, the best domestic series of the detective genre – “Cop Wars”, “Sea Devils”, “Dog” and much more.

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