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Channel One – being the leader of Russian television, conducts its continuous broadcasts from the Ostankino television center, where it first appeared under the name ORT in 1995. Its popularity is due to the high quality of the services provided, and its coverage of the viewer audience is 98.8%, making it very competitive with other federal media resources, such as NTV and Russia-1. The broadcasting network of Channel One is made up of news and analytical and entertainment programs, whose high ratings ensure the quality of the material provided. You can watch Channel One online at Barnaul time at any time of the day, thanks to our website, which does not require registration and is completely free:
Digital television broadcasts live on MSC, and for residents of other regions, using a satellite, the program of the First Channel is available in temporary duplicates. Channel One –
online Moscow . Channel One –
online Yekaterinburg . The first channel is
online Krasnoyarsk . Channel One –
online Novosibirsk . Residents of Barnaul can find out the latest news from Channel 1 online and have a good time watching the most popular shows broadcast on the first button, such as “It’s great to live!”, “Let’s get married”, “Let them talk”, “Fashionable sentence”, ” What? Where? When? ”,“ Evening Urgant ”and many others, which have long earned the love of a wide audience.

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