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Native Cinema is one of the first Russian TV channels in NTV-Plus. He gained popularity thanks to the display of high-quality foreign and domestic cinema. For the first time he bequeathed live in 1996, and in 2015 he changed the owner and became part of the RED Media holding. On our site you can watch the live broadcast of “Native Cinema” online without restrictions and in HD quality. No need to pay or subscribe to the show – any channels on our website are available for free:
With the release in 1996, it was positioned on the broadcasts of Soviet cinema until 1989. These were comedies, and detective stories, and dramas. In the early years, the channel had significant daytime breaks – it started broadcasting from 17:00 until the next day. Having fallen under the influence of RED Media, the channel began to broadcast around the clock with short advertisements. The target audience were connoisseurs of Soviet, foreign and domestic cinema in recent years. The TV program today is quite diverse: in addition to hit films, viewers could watch programs about cinema, film magazines, talks about films and communicate with experts and directors. Many will be interested in the conditions and how this or that film was shot, and there is plenty of such content on the Rodnoe Kino channel.

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