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RTR Planeta is a Russian international information and analytical television channel on a state basis, which is part of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and has been broadcasting since 2002. The air network of RTR Planeta consists of daily news broadcasts, talk shows, live sports broadcasts, documentary projects, feature films and much more to please the audience. It is easy and simple to watch RTR Planeta online on the page of our website at any time of the day for free and registration is not required to watch the live broadcast:
RTR Planeta conducts continuous broadcasting in digital HD quality, with licensed temporary duplicates for the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA. Thanks to the well-coordinated operational work of the channel’s correspondents, the viewer gets a quick and extremely accurate picture of all the events taking place in Russia and the world over the past few hours. Since RTR Planeta does not produce its own programs, the channel is mainly engaged in retransmission of proven products of the VGTRK line of channels and archival programs, time-tested. Among the variety of content provided, it is worth noting: “Vesti”, “News of culture”, “Evening with Sergei Solovyov”, “Petrosyan-show”, “Your own director”, “Duty in the country”, “Gorodok”, “Special Correspondent” and much more.

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