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For every worker, the fifth day of the week is associated with the beginning of the long-awaited weekend, when you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and arrange a holiday for your soul. This is the concept of broadcasting that the Russian federal television channel under the inspiring name “Friday” adheres to. If you are interested in the latest news and sports broadcasts, then this is definitely not the place for you. After all, the channel’s content is aimed solely at entertaining and in every possible way to cheer up its viewers, who adore it for these wonderful qualities. On the page of our website, you can watch the Friday channel online for free and live, without registration – live broadcast right now:

A 24-hour broadcast network, designed not only for young people, but also for those who have not yet squandered their former adventurism with age and are ready for new experiences.

Channel “Friday” first announced itself in the spring of 2013 on the frequency of “MTV Russia” and one of its distinguishing features is the production of its own high-quality programs and various topics: reality shows, fashion, show business and many other interesting things that can brighten leisure of every spectator. At the moment, on-air and cable broadcasting “Friday” covers over 729 cities in Russia and the CIS countries and is included in the second digital multiplex. The channel’s daily program schedule is as follows: early in the morning – cartoons for kids, “Doctor Komarovsky’s School”, focused on all mothers, a long marathon of a specific TV show, and in the evening something new, but definitely able to attract the attention of those sitting at the screen or monitor. From time to time, the channel broadcasts popular projects, such as “Revizorro”,and on weekends – Hollywood hits for avid moviegoers. At night, foreign serials are broadcasted, usually of the mystical or fantastic genre.

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