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“In the world of animals” is a domestically produced TV channel and the most informative content about four-legged, tailed and flying friends of every person. TV is designed for family viewing with family and friends. Basically, the channel is aimed at a male or children’s audience. As a percentage, In the animal world, 65% of men and 35% of women watch. Broadcasting in high quality HD brings each viewer closer to nature and closer to it. On our website you can watch the TV channel “In the world of animals HD” absolutely free online and in high quality – live broadcast:
The TV program today offers interesting programs, travel shows and educational documentaries about animals. An important feature is that each program is associated with four-legged representatives of flora and fauna. Most of the airtime is occupied by projects of our own production. In order to dilute the broadcast, the authors introduce TV shows from foreign companies, the main purpose of which is to demonstrate all life in every corner of the world.

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