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The world of television is undergoing a broadcasting revolution. People want to watch individually selected content for free in good quality. The new channel BOLT is aimed at a male audience. Now there is no need to click the remote control buttons in search of an interesting movie. You can go to our website and watch the Bolt TV channel online right now – live Bolt HD right now and plunge into your favorite movie for the whole day and view the entire program schedule:
The new Ukrainian channel Bolt HD appeared not so long ago, but has already found its audience from those who like action films, war films and TV series of domestic directors. Popular and new films are constantly broadcast on the broadcasting network. Today the Bolt channel in HD can be watched from anywhere in the world by going to the site and turning on the broadcast on our site. The joint work of the Ukrainian side and the Russian production center Star made it possible to fill the channel with new fresh content. One of a kind, it is actively developing providing viewers with the opportunity to have fun. In addition to films and TV series of domestic production, the channel can see programs about behind-the-scenes filming, interesting stories accompanying them and actors of modern cinema.Viewers receive complete information on topics of interest and always relevant cinema at all times.

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