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World Fashion Channel is an international channel about fashion, beauty and style. It broadcasts coverage of all significant events taking place in the fashion industry. The broadcast schedule includes programs about fashion shows, travel and the lifestyle of a modern person. Viewers can now watch the fashion channel World Fashion Channel live for free around the clock without additional payment:
To watch, just select a channel and immerse yourself in the world of perfect beauty, stylish homes and the best vacation spots or find out news about upcoming events in the fashion industry, listen to the advice of famous designers. The advantages and features of the channel are:

  • polyphonic translation and high sound quality;
  • broadcasting in English and Russian, in Europe and the CIS countries, North and South America, North Africa;
  • having your own unique content;
  • own site with a description of the latest news in the fashion world.

The channel also successfully develops social networks and has its own accounts in them. Only the best footage is broadcast on the channel. So one of the most popular projects of the channel was “Fashion holidays”, “Show new top model”, “Fashion calendar”, “Kina will not be” and many other projects.

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